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Best Iphone Hack

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is the story of a guy who sent a hack on iphones for everyone knew the planet. This hack gives the agent exploded three hours later... To see the rest of the movie play this funny film and ENJOY!!!

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Just plain bad

The text scrolls by too fast and is too hard to read. The animation is stunted and jerky; the art is terrible. The plot is non-existent, and your comments are in some sort of unintelligible Engrish. If this was a serious attempt at a film and not some kind of cruel joke, try harder next time - spend more time developing your idea. Show it to others before uploading and see if they understand it. The hacker guy was decently drawn, now take him and make him come alive. Watch some flash tutorials on how to animate more effectively.

Way too short.

This flash is not only porly put togeather but it is extreamly short. If i did not read the author comments i would not even know what was going on in the flash. The only reasion i even gave this any stars was the fact the music was pretty badass. But that was the only good part of this flash....(2/10) (0/5)