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Death Star: The Nick Name

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Edit: Daily Third, bitches.

Yeah, this is my first time actually trying a new style of flash animation. Well, it would be cool in the earlier days of Newgrounds.

The jokes came from when me and my cousin were playing Star Wars Battlefront.



really nice i like how vader rymed it alot... is that how you spell alot? mabey it's allot or... a lot... aw well.........

Dosensuppen responds:

A review mote over your bad spelling than the flash itself

and thats why

the temps disappear so fast on the death star

seriously people its not that hard to pretend something is better than it actually is =p

not many people do the imperial point of view and to be honest there is so much stuff you can cover so that part is cool

also what was brillant was easily making lyrics to go with his vader's theme song. In my opinion it was great but there is always room for improvement ^_^

so kudos

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Dosensuppen responds:

Always room for improvement.

And yes, I focus more on the empire

The Force is strong with this one

I was pleasantly surprised by this animation--I initially expected it to be full of lame jokes, but found myself laughing hard by the end, especially when Vader exited singing (rather pompously) to the Imperial march. The voices were a bit hard to understand, but the stormtroopers in the movies (and all the games in which they are featured) sound exactly like that.

It was no surprise that Darth Vader did not react well to the third stormtroopers honest opinion of his new nickname, for he certainly doesn't take criticism well (e.g. as in Episode IV). I was expecting him to Force-choke the offender, but the way he dispatched him was fine as well.

I can see a great series coming out of this, perhaps detailing the daily misadventures of those two stormtroopers stationed on the Death Star. Not too many SW-related stories, canon or otherwise, are from the Imperial perspective, so your animation is a great addition.

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Dosensuppen responds:

Thank you, kind sir, you definitely labled what I was going for. And yes, I was following the tale of Tom, Greg, and Tim (the temp). As well as Darth Vader, The Emperor and a few other Storm Troopers.

i like this video

its really funny and dont be hater to the vader nater later

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Dosensuppen responds:

That motha fucka is a killer, man.

That was funny haha but let's be honest..

Wasn't that long, seemed like average work as well from the drawings.
Plus the acting just seemed a bit out of place.

Could of use a bit of music or some thing in the background to keep the interest. I almost clicked out of it. Though for a today's best, I can't argue, specially since this is a new style for you. This has ability to become something really amazing. Keep up the good work and eventually you be getting some 10/s from me. (not that your getting it from other people though.) ;D nice work.

Seriously, takes balls to try some thing new and get some thing this far.

<3 other then that good job.

Dosensuppen responds:

A lower score than usual, but I definitely take the criticism. Music in the background, that's a bit of a wonder, low playing, maybe. I should have put something on the main menu, but I rushed that. My voice actor keeps getting the practice in, though. Hopefully he'll get a new mic too.

Thanks for your review and encouragement. I like reading all sides of the argument.

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3.73 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2011
9:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place August 2, 2011