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scrape scraperteeth

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Explore and play! I realize this isnt a straight forward game. Instead this is an experiment, a way of using th game engine as a platform for hand-drawn and poetic elements. So you know, share. I know it might seem wanky and pretentious etc.....but game engines can be used for almost anything and my goal with this and my other works is to stretch those boundaries ever so slightly.

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Noise. but okay. but the email bit part???

HMm very noisy visually. for an epileptic i am surprised this didn't throw me a few seizures, though it was headache inducing. perhaps an experiment definitely something to work on towards making more better games. its an okay game in the end.

the email you part with a specific subject line, huh? seriously??? you want people to publically know your email address. i wouldnt call that a good idea.

Wow, this is neat

I love your strange compiled art style. It manages to be creepy but pretty at the same.

The name's Scraperteeth. Scrape Scraperteeth.

Maybe it's just cause I'm a sucker for Surreal games, but this was pretty damn enjoyable. I'm not especially sure what happened, but it was indeed fun. Next step would be a bit more diversity in the gameplay, instead of just walking foreward.

I am giving it a 10, however, because it did what it was supposed to do, as an experiment.