Rampaging Boss

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watch it on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1FwEStlfZaY (wihout the spaces)

*I accept any kind of criticism but If you dislike anime styled animation or non-voice actored animation, i suggest you kindly leave this page and don't waste your time here*

I have this idea of "boss chasing employee" stuck in my head for several days until I decided to make a flash animation of it. It's been a while since I animate anything, so enjoy ! Hope you like it.

A flash animation parody of Touhou Rampaging Sakuya.
Runtime : 4 mins 37 secs
Tools used : Flash 8

Thank you for the daily 2nd !!! For those who were wondering what happened to the girl in the end, please look at my gallery journal (deviantart)

Thank you for the front page ! Newgrounds rocks !


Definetely not front page worthy

Sorry but I don't think that should be considered animation. It's just still pictures changing every second or so. The chase scene was just a loop.


Waste of my time


I would give you more but since you are basically this parody is almost a straight mock up of the whole Rampaging Sakuya I feel like little effort and originality was implemented here... Same movements and music to a T, Just a difference in characters.


I see what u tried doing, it worked out, in most respects (music and scene management) but it really isn't an animation in respect to something like, orange, where nearly everything moves. Did I say not an animation? What i meant was, not a good one, because an animation can me 3 frames long with not much movement at all. GET UR FACTS STRAIGHT SCOTT :3><

I'm sorry but..

To call this an animation is a bit of a stretch...
If anything, it's a comic. The only real "animation" are a few 6 frame loops
that are overused, and a bit awkward to look at really. It was quite difficult to watch this the entire way through. It was dragged on, and was just not very funny. The fact that there were no voices or anything really make it seem more like a comic.

And also, to call it anime is even a stretch. Yes, it certainly has the cliche of every anime ever. But the art itself needs work, proportions are off, the anatomy is awkward. Even if you are going for a "chibi" style. Nevertheless, it was well colored I suppose. Next time just include more animation.

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Jul 31, 2011
9:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody