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Invader Breaker

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I hope you enjoy this game fusion. There is no cap on barrier health, lives, or levels (although it does eventually become impossible.) There is so little sound so that you may play your own music while playing, and THAT IS THE ONLY REASON.
a solo project by ethan fairweather; tkk productions

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a bug!

wery funny game but in the level 2 the lives are x1/x2/x3/x4/x5/x6/x7/x8/x9 and whan someone attack you die,please check your game.

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

Thank you very much, I also don't believe it was properly displaying levels. It has been corrected, thanks for the review!


I though this was going to suck but then bam. I like the graphics and the little level up things that come down to add some pizazz to the game. Also the choice of no music I like because I like to listen to music when I'm on Newground durring the day so for now I don't even use audio since I watch harry potter everyday from 4 to 7 straight through for weeks so good game Sir.

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

I know the idea seems a bit stale or tacky at first, (and maybe it is a bit :p) but I too was surprised it actually turned out pretty good. Yeah music wouldn't have added anything anyway. Thanks for the review, J-Rex!

A good first submission

I write this under the assumption this is your first submission.
1: The music, generally, it is a better idea to have a button to turn music down/off, then to just not include it at all.
2: The Multiball, generally it is much better to have all 3 balls be just as meaningful. I believe it is an oversight to loose a life when your primary ball dies, but you still have the other two.
3: What were the enemy missiles doing?

It is a good first submission, and I'm certain it won't take you too long to improve your skills. Best of luck in future submissions.

TheKrimsonKrusader responds:

1. I didn't feel music would add anything to the experience.
2. Multiball is an upgrade, it is to be seen as a bonus on the game. In the same way you don't lose length or speed when you die, you do not lose multiball. This was not an oversight.
3. I don't know what you're talking about. They are falling towards you and destroying your barriers, or you.

Thanks anyway for the review, but I got nothing from it.