You're a Tool!

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You Are a Tool! 5 Points

Checked out the art gallery.

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Author Comments

Thanks Tom for front page!!

The third and final entry in the Screw Art Collab series. I can't say how much fun it was to make all of these. It is sad to see it all end, but I think the time has come, or had come awhile ago maybe. I have to thank ReNaeNae for just about everything. She has been a great part of all of this, and I couldn't have done it without her! big-johnny-13 has also been a huge support the entire way. Just like the last one, all ad rev goes to charity. I have much much more I could say about this series, but I think ill leave it at this:

Thank you Newgrounds!

To address the concern that this is not a game, it is labeled as a game for the reason that it is not a movie. It is interactive in the sense that you can control the art gallery. Sorry if there is any confusion, but those are the only two options to post a Flash.

now on to other projects!


Medal Guide

For anyone wondering how to get the secret medal:

On the main menu, between the Newgrounds advertisement and the Screw Collab 1 advertisement, hover the mouse inbetween them until you see the top of a screw. It will take you to a slideshow of the art (with some added ones), just wait until the slideshow is finishes and then you will get your secret medal.

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This is so amazing! It's such a fun game, I'm glad it has medals! It's interactivity is inspiring, if only all games were like this!


im a tool ^^

these people r stupid

its interactive so its a game an it has art god dame it people don't know what a game is

this game gets all my 5's because its awesome


I think the entire purpose is to get people to go through it, and insult them. I lol'd. Don't be so srs gaiz.

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2.64 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2011
9:19 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other