Rubble Trouble New York

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Use the mouse to click on the tool buttons at the bottom of the screen and then use them to blow up the buildings! You get cash for each building block blown up but you will lose cash if you blow up the wrong building!



i liked it but on level 11 the canon kept firing 3 or4 at the same time without charging. the same with the missiles.

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great job

AWESOME GAME! I didn't want to write a review before I finished it, and I just did, with 11680 points. Great graphics, good music, lots of creative levels and lots of different tools to use. One of the few puzzle/physics games that I actually had the patience to finish, even though I like many of them.

Level 16 is not impossible at all, I beat it on my 5th try and I almost had it completed on my 3rd try. Always put your cannon at the same place (right next to a bus for example) and when you find an angle that works well (I think it was 104-107 degrees for me) keep shooting at it with different power (about halfway to the max worked well).

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I dont see the point of all these dislikers

The game is really good, every level had something different and fun.
The pixel-art is excellent, and i like the level selecting screen with all the buildings.

These people are disliking it just because it runs bad on their shitty computers.

5/5 10/10

Great game and all, but...

Level 16 is IMPOSSIBLE. I have tried dozens of times. I've tried wild shots, and all those seem to gravitate to the greenhouse. I try and measure my shots, and guess what? EVERY SINGLE ONE (Same angle, pretty similar power) HITS A DIFFERENT SPOT! I mean, seriously? Come on, that's ridiculous. I'll try to beat it again, but I doubt at this point it's possible.

4/10 because at least the game is enjoyable up to there.


every time i try to load level 5 it freezes.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2011
10:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other