Rubble Trouble New York

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Use the mouse to click on the tool buttons at the bottom of the screen and then use them to blow up the buildings! You get cash for each building block blown up but you will lose cash if you blow up the wrong building!



i blew up the van!LLOLOLOLOLOL

Damn cannon levels!

The cannon levels are unbearable i quit on the second because of it. I would suggest that there be a way to return the camera to the cannon from the ball when it's following without firing and the ability to reset the level while the building your not supposed to hit is falling.


Before you launch the game,you check what type of game it is,and then you test the DIFFICULTY.

Great Game,

A tad bit too easy though.


On Level 2, I was having a lot of trouble with this. I realized that I just needed to aim the drill so that it went directly into the building from the top and not the side. This was a simply flawless game and I am so glad Nitrome keeps pumping out this fantastic stuff! Who else could turn blowing things up into such a sport? Well, you weren't supposed to blow everything up as you had to protect some things. It was funny even when the buildings were destroyed.

The sounds and everything else was extremely authentic as well. I loved the relentless sounds of dust and rubble being blown everywhere. The graphics are fantastic and they are well organized. Everything is just so amazingly colorful in this too. I even love how these little people just move around the ground. I hoipe you continue to make these awesome games that are so well detailed.

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3.98 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2011
10:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other