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hi people , heres my second submission , with my friend linktube we succeed to make this possible ,thanks to the people of the forums for all the help and support.

heres my youtube channel:

http://www.youtube.com/us er/servandovill

heres my livestream channel:

http://www.livestream.com /servando14?t=216866


Love IT!

i loved it! :D! i laughed every single moment! GEICOOOO! xD!!! :D Good lukc making further animations dude! you got a greaat future down there :3

Oh hey Derb, what's up

I thought you really nailed what a sexually frustrated teen often wishes and worries about. "why the fuck am I talking to myself" said confidently and then angerly and insecurely in reality. Lol, greaat stuff. The dialogue in the reality part although cliche , it is appropriate generic conversation given the premise of the flash.
Your AW3SOME!!-esque animation style I think looks fine and will only improve over time. Characters talking with their hands was awesome and I think the stub-hands is a good staple (trademark) to keep for yourself. Also your animation style I thought fit the content well (angry/sloppy social critique). Funny Stuff!!

servandovill responds:

thanks alot! , very well comment of support , i wish to have more reviews like yours in my future submmitions

Heh, funny.

Needless to say, this is good. Sure the artwork isn't mind blowing, or the animation extremely amazing, but it has a good style in which I laughed. Voice acting was good for the most part although, since you used the same background multiple times (Twice really.), you could have added some more detail into it, such as teh houses and the purple distance in the very back.

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I didn't like it at all.

The art style was very sloppy and for the background it looks like you tried multiple different styles trying to make it look good but you just decided in the end to mash them all together, not good, also the shading made no sense for the most part. Also, whats with the hands, they look extremely lazy, you don't just walk outside and see a bunch of people with fingerless hands, not very realistic, you could have taken the time to at least put fingers on them, they'd still look sloppy but it'd be an improvement.

The voice recording was really bad, it just sounds awkward and whiny. You also used the fakest voice I've ever heard, are you trying to sound like Chris Hansen or something? You don't need to stretch out every word in an attempt to be a good voice actor. The main character also changes voices like every second.

It wasn't very funny, I didn't laugh once, and you kept reusing horrible jokes. The whole ending made absolutely no sense.

servandovill responds:

i dirent put the hands , by the same thing ur saying! its the style!, my style is not put hands

How the hell!?

Why the fuck do you people think this movie sucks? It was pretty good, Some of you probally still draw stick people and your talking to him about his flash, I enjoyed it the humor was nice and enjoyable, the animation better than anything I could ever do, and If I could rate higher I truely would, this flash was nice and truely represents alot of guys in there mind. So keep it up man Keep it up.

servandovill responds:

theres a guy named lavagasm that hates me and send all this guys to give me a lesson :/

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4.09 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2011
2:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
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