Dire Haven

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Survivalist 10 Points

Beat the campaign!

Hard to Kill 50 Points

Beat the lost levels!

Author Comments

Naked people - naked people everywhere! Tired of being naked? Run through the traps to find a safe haven! There are 20 Campaign levels and 10 of the Expansion. The Expansion levels are ridiculously hard so we wouldn't recommend them to casual players.

There is a scoreboard for each mode you can submit your times to! Music can be muted under Options.

This game is a remake/sequel to the 2008 freeware title by independent game developer Sean Flannigan (radnom games). We hope you guys like this and have fun!



GREAT! fast paced and no loading between deaths. PERFECT for fast time wasting.

Jolly fun!

Really nice platformer. Pretty conventional except for that one single touch, the naked people, that gave the game a unique feel. Quite hard but not as much as I thought it would be.

Now that I think of it, naked platformers are not that rare. I'm thinking of Sonic and many more, if the boots don't count. Maybe naked adventure games or shooters would be stranger, but anyway, this is the first platformer I know of that says its characters are naked, so congratulations.

Oh, and the story is messed up, 'cause why would anyone try to escape from a naked world? The best combination for me is a world like theirs in some things, like in being full of naked people, and like ours in other stuff, like in not being full of killer spikes and flying razors.

That's not how ice works!

I was halfway through the lost levels before I realized that you can jump while falling.

The lost levels actually aren't that hard. Nothing compared to say MoneySeize or Meatboy. They're not even that hard compared to the campaign levels. I got third place in them, but unfortunately you can't even view the high scores without beating it.

A nice little game

I was quite dissapointed that the story mode lacks any... story. On the other hand, I liked the creepy music and graphics.

It was easy !!

There are many things without explanation, si i dont think its necessary to have a story. Most games have one, but in this case is more that the user imgines its own story, i think. The controls worked ok with me, i used Chome. At first i thought it was so hard, but actually it was not that hard, i just needed to think a bit the next movement, and sometimes just run and wait for the best. The graphics were simple but good. Music cool also, it was sometimes annoying to hear that splosh sound when they died, but thats part of the game.

After some plays i could do all the game really fast, so its not that difficult. I think many people think that after reading the description, or well, who knows !

I liked this game, its not a trascendental favorite, but it was a one day game experience.

Cheers !

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2011
5:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop