Dire Haven

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Survivalist 10 Points

Beat the campaign!

Hard to Kill 50 Points

Beat the lost levels!

Author Comments

Naked people - naked people everywhere! Tired of being naked? Run through the traps to find a safe haven! There are 20 Campaign levels and 10 of the Expansion. The Expansion levels are ridiculously hard so we wouldn't recommend them to casual players.

There is a scoreboard for each mode you can submit your times to! Music can be muted under Options.

This game is a remake/sequel to the 2008 freeware title by independent game developer Sean Flannigan (radnom games). We hope you guys like this and have fun!


Very good

Although unoriginal in style and type of game this has it own class. Yes we could be playing meat boy but no. We decidee to play this game , and you know what? Im glad that I did. It may be because of my petty enjoyment but I could waste hours away playing this game.

To those who play games simply for the medals: A game should be played for the game's ability for it make you enjoy playing it not some petty hoarding of you trying to get medals.

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How many fuckin levels are there?

I can't stand this any more,I'm only playing for the damn medal,and as everyone else said I could just play Super Meat Boy...same shit different ass!Sooooo many levels!3:<

Needs a little exposition

Letting me know ahead of time that I can jump mid-air probably would have helped a great deal on some levels instead of forcing me to figure it out through multiple deaths on an otherwise impossible spike jump.

Also there's an exploit you need to fix, due to this same mechanic above if you tap Z repeatedly in the air it will check to see if you jumped to start, and it will stutter much like as if you were holding jump while caped in Super Mario World. You can use this to float down rather than fall and make some levels much easier, and in one case: a one jump level.

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you ever get the feeling your about to get raped?

thats th feeling i got whilst playing this game, with the music =3

&quot;Meat Boy: The Naked and Less Fun Edition&quot;

I don't like how unoriginal it is, it's just another 16-bit platforming game. But for what it's worth what this game lacks in originality it makes up for it with... more unoriginality, as it looks and feels almost completely like Meat Boy, except with inferior physics and abysmal level design, often things are just thrown about willy-nilly with traps having no set timing and saw blades going around in random directions flying away to a place where it doesn't belong where it won't get in the way of the player. With the physics and controls I found it too be much too floaty for a game with precise jumps, and the ice blocks hardly even work like ice, you can land on them standing still and they jolt you forward at a fixed rate, like a treadmill, really they should've just put treadmills where the ice was, it would make more sense. Overall I found it to be unoriginal and unsatisfying, as it sort of combines the "Overly-Clean-and-White-Prison-Esque-
Environment-Escape" cliche made popular by Portal and the "Super Crazy 16-bit So-Hard-You'll-Rip-Your-Arms-Off-and-
Proceed-To-Gnaw-On-Them" cliche made popular by Meat Boy. Overall it's just too bland, it doesn't bring any new ideas or anything interesting to the table, and it's frustratingly difficult, but for all the wrong reasons, often it was bad physics or floaty controls causing me to run straight into a sawblade which got me killed, not clever trap placement or intuitive level design. If the controls and general feel were tightened up this game would be much more enjoyable to play, but the controls are just too wonky for me to give it any higher than a 2/10.
OK +1 point for being naked.
And one more for the music.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2011
5:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop