Bunnie & Clyne

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Bunnies are cute. Everyone knows that. The two bunnies in this game are cute in a mad way. Join Bunnie and Clyne, based on the famous criminals of the United States, Bonnie and Clyde, on their raid and take part in several interactive bank robberies throughout the country. But whenever someone robs a bank, the police is likely to be nearby. Escape them in three fancy modes. Either destroy a specific number of police cars or resist for a specific amount of seconds or miles. Are you ready for it?

It has 15 levels, 3 modes and a lot of upgrades and different cars.

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Why are there barely any boxes? How am I suppose to destroy these police cars when there aren't any boxes to throw in front of them?


love the art work and the car chase yayayayay

very fun ^.^

the characters are cute and the game play is fun.
it took me a little while to get a hold of the driving aspect but one I did, I really enjoyed it.
the typing challenge could be a little more difficult maybe (use the whole keyboard) but otherwise, that was fairly fun as well.

Well done.

I gotta say,the games itself is pretty good,not too many buttons to press,cool chase and all.The only reason i give it a 9 star is because that in the chase,there seem to be an important lack of object or bombs to throw to the police and there seems to an enormous difficulty to either outrun them of dodge but im sure you will fix this.Keep at it, nice game.


nice art but lackluster gameplay, animation, and interface bring it down.

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3.14 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2011
5:16 PM EDT
Sports - Racing
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