Molok Game IV! (beta)

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This game is continue game of Molok 1&2 (Molok Game 3 is space shooter).
Please enjoy my project!
P.S. this is the BETA version, so if something is wrong, tell me and I will fix it!

UPDATE: Users wants: Restart button, credits and more so: I add restart button (press "R" to use it), menu button (Press "M" to use it), options (Number of lives, credits), and level select! (the level are: 1. Desert 2. Underwater, 3. Safari)

Music from Pokemon Ruby, Sappire, Emerald, Fire red and Leaf green!


Fun :D

Fun game! Needs more levels

wow awesome

Hey dude where is next molok game? I am looking forward to see one more! You haven't uploaded any movie for a month, i am afraid if something s happened to you!

galooloo responds:

I just create a GOOD game...
I'll send you the next Molok game...

Eh, nope

The angles at which the ball bounces is wonky -- it hits a perfectly vertical wall and it goes down, when the ball was not going down in the beginning! That's not supposed to happen.

The file size is another thing, 8.2MB for music can't be forgiven unless the music is wonderful, which IMO isn't.

It would have been a better game if it was made in flash, because it takes a lot of work to just code the ball bouncing and the removal of blocks with the angle of the ball after hitting an object, plus irregular shapes' collision checking would have been so complicated to run, but surprise SURPRISE! IT'S IN GAMES FACTORY! That just makes everything that looks hard to do in flash look easy, so that brings the expectations of the game higher.

Also, if the artwork was better then I'd have rated it a 1 or so, but that's not good either.


Things to improve:
+ Music (I know you're saying you'll get the full version and use MIDI, but I don't know whether that'll work either)
+ Artwork (Looks like MSPaint drawn art)
+ Filesize (See Music)

Good points:
~ It was entertaining
~ A bit challenging

Bad points:
- Entertaining for about 5 minutes
- Ball often slips from "Molok"'s hand
- High file size

~ Gimmick

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galooloo responds:

Thank you about this review!

I like Molok

I like Molok! It is cute :)

galooloo responds:


Great game

This game is great! I like the music from pokemon, I like the logo, and the background! (PS you copy the background from google - I know it :) )

galooloo responds:

He he he..
I know...

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2.39 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2011
8:39 AM EDT
Skill - Other