Toxie Radd 3D

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UPDATE - August 1st
- Death/Pause bug fixed
- Freeze-bug after 2nd boss fixed
- Weaker Rats all game long (they are challenging not for high life but 'cause they're small and so hard to hit...but we anyway reduced their life so be killed with almost 1 shot even without Damage power-up).
This game requires Flash Player 10.2 or better to be played and perform correctly.
If you see a WHITE or FROZEN screen: update Flash Player and refresh.
After some funny misinterpretations by betatesters...
Note that the preloader minigame is NOT the real TR3D game, but just a funny gift to enjoy your loading wait.
Real game comes...ehm... after loading is completed :D
Toxie Radd 3D is the third episode of the Toxie Radd saga and marks the jump from top-down to a full 3D first person shooter!
All is possible thanks to a long and hard programming work that created, from scratch, our own new Xplo-R3D engine able to manage in Flash complex 3D enviroments, animated models and an attempt of 3D sound :D
It's the story of Joe, an ex-inmate used as a specimen for a mad experiment. His right arm was removed and replaced with a gatling gun. He managed to escape the prison while it was under attack by zombies in episode 1.
Then he teamed up with a mysterious doctor, and he followed the trail to an abandoned factory where (after he "dealt with" a giant brain monster, Joe style) he found evidence that all this mayhem started in Central city in episode 2.
Now Joe's on his way, following an underground route that will lead him to the heart of the city. However, things are never as easy as they appear...
Would you understand and appreciate the huge effort in developing a realtime 3D game in Flash...rate it 5!!!
Enjoy :D



I have one minor criticism. The "Headshot" logo was very large and kind of obscures your sight. Other than that, this is a spectacular game. Bravo, good sir.

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Xplored responds:

"Bravo" is Italian, as we are :D


I hate rats... but like every good game needs an annoying enemy, this one has it. Very good game. Good graphics and intense gameplay and the upgrade system is very equilibrated so you can uprgade almost everything until the end of the game.
The only bad thing is the length of the game, but if you think on the graphics, the music and the hilarious comments of the main character, it´s normal that this was a short game.

Xplored responds:

like with food... better to finish a good dinner a little bit ungry than feel fullfilled and ask for a break ;P

Very solid arcade-y shooter action

I was definitely surprised seeing a 3D shooter here on NG with these kinds of graphics; others I've seen used stick figures and other simple characters, but here you have something that looks like it came from an arcade in the 90's or the PS1 (which is impressive for a flash game.)

The music also worked pretty well; pretty generic but it got the job done. It did get pretty annoying when you were shooting certain surfaces though, especially metal ones.

Actual gameplay worked very smoothly: controls were spot on and so was the hit-detection.

My main complaint would have to be the difficulty; I played through without any deaths (I don't believe my health ever dropped below half, and I never upgraded it.) It would probably be more difficult if you had a more traditional pistol that required reloading, and I suppose the bullet spread produces a somewhat similar effect; unless of course you focus on accuracy (which I generally have a tendency to do when playing any game really.) I was able to fire constantly with reliable aim, and everything went down pretty easily [with continued upgrades to fire rate and damage of course]. Also, strafing allowed me to avoid a ridiculous amount of damage, even from close range enemies.

Though, looking at other comments, it seems the game is pretty challenging for others. It'd be nice to be able to choose a different difficulties.

Other than difficulty, the bonus power-ups didn't seem significantly powerful. I assume heavy-shot increased damage, though I found that enemies went down pretty quickly even without it. I couldn't really tell when acid-shot even did. I'd say you need something quite a bit more impressive than a change of ammo with a minigun as your primary weapon: maybe a beam weapon? Or maybe explosive rounds if you can manage that to work without lagging everything. Or maybe you can throw in some armored enemies and have some hidden armor-piercing rounds.

Hmm, part of what made the power-ups seem lackluster was probably how significant the kill-coin upgrades were. All you need is maximum accuracy and some upgrades into damage and firerate and everything dies very quickly. It would have been better if power-ups were more significant (to make the bonus duration upgrade more appealing) and if you actually got hit a bit more often (to make the health upgrade more useful.)

And one last quick tip to everyone having problems with the rats: melee kills rats in one hit, and you can actually dodge their melee attacks by strafing.

Xplored responds:

Thanks for the very dedicated and detailed feedback!

Bug maybe?

It's an OK game, you could add a take cover option like in time crisis though, that would be swell. Anyway, I died, I went back to the main menu and then shop. I kept my coins, etc. It then brought me to the spot where I died, same enemies in the same spots, but I couldn't move, shoot, or go back. My life meter was in negative. Thought you might wanted to know. Keep it up!

Xplored responds:

We wanted to know!
We check immediately whether there's a bug in the game over status.


Great game, but there was a weird problem when i died.

As i died my mouse moved out of the playable area and "auto-paused" the game, and i couldn't click on anything in the death screen. I let the mouse trigger the "auto-pause" again and when it came back the death screen vanished and i was playing as the dead character but couldn't do anything except take damage and watch my heath bar sink past zero.

Otherwise i had fun playing and hope to see more on the way!

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Xplored responds:

We check. Thanks for highlighting it... and rating it 9 anyway :D

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2011
3:47 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail