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Regular platformers are too boring. Too easy. Try this puzzle platformer. To win each level, you must simply press the button and proceed to the exit. But can you do it without jumping? How about backwards? Challenge accepted.

Due to comments I have fixed the banner and timer to alleviate user issues. Thanks for the comments!

Arrows or WASD to move/jump
Spacebar to restart
M to Mute

Music by Mathias Kaerlev of mp2.dk.
Levels and graphics and coding and engine and everything else by Jacob Pariseau
Some levels by Marcus Pasell of AwestruckDesign.com.
Sponsored by SteakFaceGames.


Close Enough

A solid Puzzle/platform game.. i agree with most of the other reviews about the timer and banners, wich could be better developed.
Meme games u so funniez!

JacobPariseau responds:

Timer and Banner have been fixed :)

Good start

Gameplay at times is really frustrating.

At the start of each level a banner comes up that says what to do, but unless you move your cat character it does not go away so you are guessing at when to move to not die...

Other than that it is a great start. smooth, colorful.

Also would like a counter to tell me how many times I die

JacobPariseau responds:

Banner has been fixed, and you do get a counter, but not until you win n_n

fighting against the UI

It was a good challenge, but the UI gets in the way a LOT. Especially the timed levels were annoying, when you had to make a timed jump without waiting, but the timer blocked your view. Grr.

Skill-based levels are fine, luck-based challenges too (occasionally), but combining both in the same level gets frustrating quickly, when a flawless attempt is ruined by bad luck.

JacobPariseau responds:

Yeah, I probably got a bit carried away with some of the challenges, especially later on, but oh well :P

Timed levels - Make timer transparent or smaller

I almost rage quit on level 23 having that timer right in the way of my jumps.

The challenge banner at the start was also very annoying, getting in the way of quickly starting a level. This became apparent after multiple deaths in a level.

Other levels were good and challenging without being too difficult. The music was also pretty good, although a bit repetitive after a while. Tone down that timer and the banners and this would be perfect.

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JacobPariseau responds:

Thanks for your comment, the banner and timer has been fixed :)

There Is Only One Level's bastard child

I really liked this! I definitely saw some of TIOOL in this game, but there's nothing wrong with this! This was entertaining and sometimes challenging, and I'm also a sucker for cats. Oh, cats, you so crazy. A quality game!

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3.21 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2011
2:32 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle