Robot Riot

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dekaplier 5 Points

rack up a times 10 score multiplier

untouchable 5 Points

complete a level without losing any health

power_trip 10 Points

achieve grade 3 in one gun upgrade category

robo_star 10 Points

collect a total of 100 bonus stars

fugeerama 25 Points

rescue 8 refugees on any single level

mega_trip 25 Points

achieve grade 3 simultaneously in two gun upgrade categories

reactor_rampage 25 Points

destroy 10 reactors on any single level

time_lord 25 Points

catch 13 enemies in a time warp

Author Comments

Showing a complete lack of respect for their human masters the robots have decided they no longer wish to do the dirty work for which they were created.
The rampaging rogue robots must be stopped.
Fortunately one robot has remained loyal.
You must guide this lone robo-ranger through 30 levels of metal-massacre.

Move with the WASD or arrow keys.
Aim and fire with the mouse.
Pause with SPACE or RETURN.

There's more detailed instructions in the game which can be summarised: "it's Robotron Jim, but not as we know it"

My motivation for doing this game was a desire to replicate/update the pixelated-explosions from the original Robotron: That's why it's on a plain black background 'cuz anything else diminishes the visual impact of the pixelation.

Other aspects of the game may have suffered due to my obsession with the pixelation-fx, in particular I feel it might be too difficult, but hey compared to the Robotron arcade game it's a piece of pie...

If anyone's interested in the music it's from the Psytrance-Brazil "Hyper Noise vs Dual Logic" album.

The menu tune is "Marsh Mission" which you can download from
http://www.mp3s.pl/mp3/Du al_Logic_Vs_Hyper_Noise/M arsh_Mission/682112,

The game tune is "Full Power" which you can download from http://www.mp3s.pl/mp3/Du al_Logic/Full_Power/68211 7

I've remixed them both a little bit to better fit my sfx so they sound slightly different from the originals - most noticibly the menu tune "Marsh Mission" has been pitched-down 5 semitones, making it a lot slower and deeper - I actually prefer it like that now.

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Nice action game, but a bit too easy - I just got oevr 28 million points on my very first try. Even though it is more than twice the 2nd place, I guarantee it was legit - I'll post my strategy below.

- Lots of action: Must shoot/move constantly to avoid death. No rest outside of pause screen. Story kept to a minimum so we can understand what's happening, no boring pointless dialogues (since this is an action game, it's a plus)
- Perfect pace: The game's speed overall is not exceedingly fast nor slow. It is entirely possible to evade most (if not all) attacks, although it is much easier to hide behind the reactors for cover.
- Perfect sound: Both music and effects are solid choices - I didn't even think about muting the game's sound.
- Nice graphics: Speaks for itself. Robots design and visual effects are just great.
- SURPRISINGLY, NOT LAGGY. Well, just a bit sometimes, but didn't affect my experience that much. I already played other games with this level of effects that slowed down my browser to a crawl, so this was nice.

- Lack of bosses: For me, the greatest flaw of the game - 1 boss every 5 levels, plus a final megaboss would have been a LOT of fun.
- Upgrade system is absolutely random: It was a pain to get those "maxed guns" medal. Purely luck-based. Not that it isn't good. It's just too random.

And that's it! Fantastic game!

Strategy: Use powerups to clear the screen - especially the shield powerup. Always start levels by going to a side/corner and shooting enemies around the screen (e.g. clock wise) because you will be bombarded if you stay in the middle.

As long as you have the shield up, you can steamroll everything and collect everything they drop instantly. This is how you get to excessive high multipliers and multiple upgrades, as well as new shield drops to replenish yours and keep the carnage going - keep getting shields and ramming enemies over. This strategy makes the last levels incredibly easy (more enemies, more powerups and multipliers)

I believe a much higher (Legit) score is attainable because my mult was over 30x at the very last level, and I did die twice during the game.

Also, always leave 1 enemy robot around - Destroy all reactors before the last robot. (careful with shockwave)

Final tip: Toggle auto-fire! For those who don't know: Press mouse button, drag it outside flash window, release button and bring the mouse back to the flash window. It will keep firing until you click and release the mouse button again. Repeat if necessary

this Game horrible and No-Sense!

Another fun game

A good game here, it was actually pretty interesting, not perfect but i have to admit i did have fun with this entry, there was ofcourse something i wish were better about this, but ill get into that soon enough, but for what its worth its pretty good, OK so first of all let me just say that this game was not what i had expected, it was actually better then i thought, it was fun though, and you have kept me interested in what tyou put up here, the graphics are notbad, it was pretty decent actually, and fast paced wich was pretty impressive so i liked it, i did think the "MEDALS" were a tad hard to achieve maybe theres a way to make the medals easier to attain somehow, just a thought, maybe better upgrade options and more protections at times. i think the thing for me was that the navigation of the character was hard with the keyboard but anyways still a good game i thought. A decent flash entry here i thought there was some good things going on here and some suprises but thats what made it all the more fun, But anyways good submission and i do look forward for more of what you have to offer,

Improvments are hard to come by on some types like this but you did present something good and some quality, so i will try and suggest a few ideas if needed, but if not its all good and probably means you did make a solid flash here, And well with this one there was not need for much at all, maybe addings osme "RANDOM" suprises would have been something nifty.

It's a decent game

The strongest point in this game is probably how elaborate the colors and artwork are. At times, it did look a little cheesy. It just kind of reminds me of the early 90's when CGi shows weren't of the best quality. Oddly enough, looking back, it seems like the animated movies that used that were just as good. What was cool was how there a lot of different kinds of enemies to kill. There was a good amount of effort put into their designs.

The music was good. My only problem was that it was fairly hard, especially when you were using a laptop, like I was. Oh well, I guess that's something I'll just have to get used to. I liked it how you could basically just fire randomly and hit targets as there were so many of them. It may not be the most technologically advanced game, but it's worth a play.


good game, but add some funny inter-level dialogue and bosses.

Vibe13 responds:

thinking about it now bosses would have added a lot to the game - I really should have done that!

inter-level dialogue is an interesting idea: I wanted the transition between levels to be very quick so the action never stopped - but maybe an animation every 3 levels or something might have been good....

Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2011
11:49 AM EDT
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