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Lost In A Platformer Pt 1

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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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Jul 26, 2011 | 10:12 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hello! This is part one of a 2 part series called Lost in a Platformer. This part is pretty short, but not as big as my last game. Please do not blam, This is my first game series.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's good. not epic or great, just, good.

Some people here are right, some are wrong.

You must need better hitTest functions, cause sometimes the character stops moving from the wall even if it is NOT touching it. and next, you need enemy(s). like a spider, a frog, crab, whatever.

Then add stomping points, where you hit the enemy(s) top and it disappears or shows a animation showing him to 'die' and add the removeMovieClip function at the end of the frame.

And, WASD isn't a good idea. i mean, it is, but still the player should be able to move with arrow keys and WASD. WASD for left-handed people, Arrow keys for right-handed people.

And the respawn points. you can add walls and no gaps, or add a respawn point so if the player leaves the stage, he re-spawns.

And if you are using tutorials and just stupidly copy-pasting, don't. you won't even learn!

I also did copy-paste on my first try, now what? I came to code it all myself.

And add objects like ladders, lava, moving platforms. the best place for this is:
07/03/creation-of-a-platform-game-wit h-flash-step-1/ .

And, some good colors, even if it's black-and-white, add SOMETHING just colored, or add a old-school TV effect to it.

And don't make a part 2, or make one but with BETTER CODING.

Or, don't make a part 2, make another game series with better graphics, hitTests, and kinda stuff like that.

Or, learn AS2, even AS3. i recommend AS3, I don't use it cause i don't have it but i recommend.

Yeah, change the title, "Lost in a Platformer" isn't actually a meaning. make titles like "Lost in a cave" with cave graphics, "Lost in Hell" with Hell graphics, "Lost in a unknown world" with normal but good graphics, "Lost in Retro world" with retro graphics. graphics are actually made from names. if the name includes cave, it would be cave, cave graphics.

And the background, it should be better.

AND, make a scrolling background, with a scrolling code or V-Cam.

And make other things like bumpers, trampolines, bosses, spikes, and stuff.

You can mix up all tutorials to get up a great game.

find the hard and easy ones, mix them up.

You will get a awesome game, if not, try again, or if you have good coding skills, code it yourself, if not (looks like not), learn ActionScript.

Here, make the ball a guy, a stick-guy, a human, a alien, whatever.

Or even, make the ball stylish....

And, draw the level design on a paper, and then draw it.

You can check on E-How for some ideas, it doesn't show codes but ideas,

and then mix tutorials up.

And here's what it all ends on.

I'll PM you if i forgot something :P

Weegeeart responds:

You have had the best response on my game yet! I've been trying to work on a platformer, so these tips sure will help me along the way. By the way, I got your email you sent me. So I hope that I can create what my idea was. My idea, was to create a storyline that follows you throughout the game, you know, like classic Donkey Kong? Well, I hope my plan works out. Thanks for the tips.
(P.S., Hey, while your at it, can you make a tutorial? I'll need some more help if i want this to work out. Xp) From, CJ


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Please do not blam? Yeah, sure...

I fell off of the platform that was supposed to be solid. The game is simple, monochromatic, boring, lacks lives, scores, and respawn capabilities. And the Super Mario 64 music doesn't belong here, it makes it annoying. Don't bother with part 2, make a new game series, put a lot of work in it. Make it colorful, add a lot of stuff, and if it is a platformer make it better. This... this is just bad. The portal is for fun things, not for testing flashes, though I think you meant for this to be a game. Games are fun and this is not even close to that.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Well... You got the ball to move, and that's a start. But that's the highlight of the game! After falling off the platform once, its game over. No more ball.... A thing that some people find more professional is a title screen. Mebbe work on that. Also, some colors would've also helped out a little bit. Or draw a smiley face on the ball, something! Anyways, just keep on learning more about flash, get some testers, eat your cheese sandwich, and post something again :)

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

oh my god.

i give a advice: Learn to use the flash, and after submit here!

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Weegeeart responds:

I do know how to use flash, I'll make more in part two. Or if I ever make a remake.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

No respawn point :(

I fell down (on purpose) and I didn't see ball again :(

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