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July 26, 2011 –
April 8, 2020
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Sup guys! Tweet.

I was in a presentation about the fall of Myspace by Facebook, and I thought: "Will it be cool to make a Myspace vs Facebook?", So, after 3 days of work, I've scrapped the project, talked to Electricstar the voice actor, and, there you go.

Besides, It's about how Social Networks copy features from each other and even... Google Plus!


It's so......Whats the word for it........Beautiful...Very, very beautiful.

so accurate XP

LOL perfect interpretation on how it realy is

This video teach you a lesson:

Never argument with someone with a shotgun

Very Funny

Good job!

This deserves way more recognition.

Great video, the ending made it for me.

What a truthful flash!

This is one of the most truthful things I have seen on NG for a while. It's so funny because that's how social networking sites are created, by copying other ones. I give it 9/10 because the animation could be a little better. Other than that it is a great flash!


Awsome video, so funny.
Voices are also awsome.



Good dialogue.

I really enjoyed this little animation. I especially loved the voices. The animation was a bit dagga, and could have been better, and every now and then the bg music drowned out the voices, but the storyline and funny "punchline" made up for it. You deserve these stars.


The dialogue was certainly interesting, and the story was easy to follow. But there are a couple of things that could be improved:

-walk cycles were awkward, but shouldn't be hard to fix

-mouth movement. I can deal with the mouths being tweened, but they actually appeared upside-down, at times, and kind of detracted away from the humor, for me.

Otherwise, I thought it was a slightly different take on a familiar story. 5/10

hilarious XD

this perfectly sums up the concept of social networking websites.
no matter which one you're using now, it's likely that it will become obsolete because another opens with slightly better features and a different layout.
anyway, I was definitely amused :)


Great voice acting


Good voices, but it was short and well the argument is apparent, maybe try a smidgen more originality.


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4.54 / 5.00