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After the Martians collapsed the Atlantean way of life, the Naacals didn't know what to do. They asked for help from the highest conscious beings in our universe, and they received a potential solution. If it could pull it off, we would become something incredibly new and different in the universe. If we did not, we would not survive. Our entire planet was walking a very thin line.

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Flower of Life books - http://www.2shared.com/fi le/iWmQem1a/Flower_of_Lif e_PDFs.html
See page 104 Volume 1 for this portion of the Human History Story!

Birthing of a New Humanity
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I'll start this y saying he's trying to provide p-oinyts for his theory. That's all it can be viewed as. Not everything here is true-- hell, using plate tectonics alone, I'm not sold on Atlantis being a continent proper but rather a large island as being feaseabnle. Also remember this should be experianced as your reality accepts it. Or doesn't-- you can take or leave anything you wish and it's not a crime against you or anyone else.

Also bear in mind anything higher than man if indeed parts are true, understand things differently and have to kind of dumb it down to ways people understand, plus, a lot was likely based in oral tradition before recording-- Emerald Tablets or not.

In short, It's not going to be a bad or good or mean or kind thing to accept anything. Believe as you will and walk the path you feel is right.

Onto the animation a bit more.

So far the story presented is interesting but there's multiple unanswetreds. For example, what happened to the Martians? And what of the Barney and Betty Hill abduction, since you mentioned the Greys?

The animation is solid and while the information presented is a little odd compared to previous lessons/presentations and not making much sense at times, at least youtr trying to present information as best you can and from what you read. It's solid for certain. All the same it'll be nice when things settle into information more rooted in the here and now, not the past or theoretical information of it.

Keep it up, all the same. :)


Wait? So the critism for this video is that it's not informative because alongside providing information on why something is plausible you're not providing the facts on why it's not? I'm sorry, but that is failed reasoning. That is the same concept as saying any scientist that wishes to provide a theory to his peers must always bring the evidence of why he is also wrong. I've yet to see a scientist ever do that seeing as the human mind perceives uncertainty as someone being wrong. Even if you wrote a school research paper and provided facts against your claim in your report I'm pretty sure you'll fail for that.

Also, I've seen alot of your videos and haven't once seen you say any of this is more than theory. I don't understand what people never seem to get about that? :/ Anyways, good work on providing this theory in an entertaining way that anyone (should be able to) understand. Hence the reason for my high score.

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Did you say that the blue glow around Earth is due to something OTHER than the atmospheric gases? I find that hard to believe. I mean, the sky is blue because of Rayleigh scattering and looking at the atmosphere side-on the way you would if you looked at the edges Earth from space you'd see what looks like a blue glow because you're looking through a lot of atmosphere at that angle, just like you do when you're standing on the surface of the planet looking up at the sky during the day. I know this to be a scientifically proven fact soooooo...why the grid thing?

I've been a hardcore antitheist for a long time and these lessons have given me something to doubt my cynical views and that's a good thing. I'd hate to have a reason to see this stuff as just the same wash as all other religions.

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RiverJordan responds:

Can't it be a little bit of both? I know in higher dimensions, where molecules are lighter, the grid is definetily much brighter and glows more, this dimension is dense, but it's PART of the atmosphere, they work together, not apart :)


Ive been an athiest my entire life but Ive always been fair. Watching your videos have really opened my eyes that athiest could even be wrong. Im hesitant to believe everything youve explained but I have a very open mind. Ive been trying to astral project for awhile to see if it is true. I havent given up yet but well see what happens.

Truth/Reality is constant, perception is Relative

Some say that reality is only in the head as we believe it to be but there is no proof whatsoever of this. Why? No one has even percieved EVERYTHING in its ENTIRETY. Except God. Many say reality is as we make it simply because reality appears to change as our perception changes. If we changed our perception back it would change back. This can be simply explained that we are only focusing on one part at a time and not the whole. Look at anything. Close one eye. Switch to the other eye. Your vision/perception shifted about an inch, it changed...but did reality change? I would say no, emphatically! WE change, and in doing so OUR perceptions change making EVERYTHING around us seem to change. Ever been in love, drugged or otherwise in an altered state of mind? Everything may seem magical or terrifying but it is the same when you are not. I would say that when 'reality' changes it is our perception or as 'some would say' our illusion/reflected image of reality that changes. Same for truth and JordanD's ideas.

That said, I would like to address some who say religions dont agree with this or are 'fear cults', like roorik did earlier.

I am a very strongly believing and PRACTICING muslim. I do not believe most if any of this spirit science so far is in ANY WAY contradictory to the Koran, our holy book.
Any who think otherwise, read it. It is very allegorical, requires thinking to understand and there is almost NEVER one meaning. Actually in many verses more than one meaning is meant at the SAME time and is also in context of a particular type of situation. Muslim scholars and others who try to pin down and give hard-line rules or dates from the Koran often do so by taking ideas from their own personal customs and by taking the Koran literally, by only one meaning or by forcing their ideas or assumptions onto their reading of the Koran.

A couple point quotes from Roorik:
'And about people beliving it cuz its just being said over and over:
A) the same can be said about all religons,
B) this is the first i've ever heard of this and i belive a good over half of it cuz it MAKES SENCE...'
Honestly, every theory(religious or scientific) ever made is repearted over and over like in a cult. Just go to any school for proof.
As far as making sense, sense can only be had with proof or a detailed explanation. This is what our spirit science flash video man JordanD is trying to provide. Faith is a part of religion, yes, but investigate it. There are truths there that many find. As far as proofs go there are many that are referred to in the Koran and hadeeth that told to be used as such. Many of which can only now or way after the Korans writing be proven. Look it up on utube and elsewhere. From fecundating winds to fetal growth stages to Earth's actual land mass ratios to actual mathematical consistencies between the number of words, meanings and the actual stages of our universe's development. In actuality all the pie ratios, DNA of life, the golden mean and other mathematical proofs that JordanD mentions ARE represented in the Koran in these ways I just mentioned and more. Actually, all the mathematical and even theoretical evidence can actually jive with the Koran and even help prove JordanD's ideas (hint, hint).
Believe it, anyone who says otherwise is reading the Koran with a preconcieved notion of reality and trying to find evidence to only prove what they want it to.

Another quote that got my goat...(hmm that rhymes, ;') ) is...
'Religon is nothing more then a cult run by fear.'.
This could be said about every system, government or any rule of any individual or group throughout known life. Wars have been fought for nationalism, money, power, prestige, women, revenge and many others besides religion.

Islam/muslim actual fits well with JordanD's idea of unity consciousness as they mean unity and are based on love, not fear.

Like spirit science an open mind is needed for religion, science or any learning in my opinion. A truly closed mind will not except any of these let alone any learning by definition.

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RiverJordan responds:

For some reason people voted this as a useless review, but i like it :)

Thanks EC :)

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