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Tiny Squad

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Select your squad before starting a mission. Use each unit's abilities wisely during battle to be victorious.

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Could you more work. You can add information about each character. (ie: the shooter can shoot all ranges) And the Medic healed +15 to each of my members, so not sure if the information for the medic is false or not. Another thing is, you could add upgrades to each character so they could attack faster or travel more spaces or what not. Otherwise, It's a great strategy game with nice music!

How the heck is the leader overpowered??? I don't know how to use him

Not the most intuitive

It's a nice game, but some things bugged me a little

1. Army of ninjas? Haha. I like that idea, but people would expect them to be the sneaky sort of troops instead of them being the main infantry?

2. Why is it that this game does not allow units to move AND attack when something is not within moving range?

3. As for the enemy being completely blocked by trees... Not that I have any codes to share, but how about an algorithm that draws a random dirt path from one side to another? When you get to randomly generating trees, just set it so no tree can be generated on that path.

4. As for balance, I don't think wizards are worth my money. Are they? This game is missing a bunch of info that can be helpful for strategic planning. How long does a wizard's attack buff lasts?

I can ask the same for the speed guy. I don't think a little extra movement is that helpful so I think that was a waste of data.

The leader also seems a little overpowered.

Archers seem to be overpowered also, with their INFINITE range. Hell, I confused myself and treated them as if they can only shoot in a straight line for some reason.

5. Speaking of strategic planning, it would be nice if I had a way of learning how bears can attack every adjacent foe in one turn, and that trolls can reduce my unit's attack stats.

Oh, and did I hear something about a sequel? I'll be looking forward to it.

an awesome game

awesome game, i agree lvl 24 is kindda hard, i won though by spamming archer and a little luck of the tree kindda blocking the enemy.
in the early lvl 10-20 i got a map thats kindda funny, all the enemy is on the other side completely blocked by trees ^^

IliaKs responds:

With trees it happens. The only solution is found is constant map for each level. But this is less interesting =)

wow i am impressed!

good strategy, good animation it very impressive especially for a first flash game my only disappointment is that ninjas are full frontal attackers they should be able to sneak attack or something like that. still very good game!

IliaKs responds:

Ability ninzya not correspond to what should be. In the game they are ordinary soldiers. I just thought it would be nice to have an army of ninja =)

Credits & Info

3.77 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2011
9:46 AM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place July 27, 2011

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