Let's Go Fly a Kite

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"So will you use credit as usual, or will you use cash this time?"
"I'll stick with credit... because I'm afraid of CHANGE!!! :O"
That's an original dad joke right there. I doubt anyone else would willingly say that in public.

So this started as a test for my frame-by-frame animation skills. You can tell I didn't do that method for the whole movie, but you can tell I sort of tried to. Key word being "sort of", because a fair amount is animated in twos rather than every frame (so it's about an average of 18 fps even though it's technically at 24.) The excessive textures are a strategy I've been using lately to get away with applying a lot less effort than it would initially seem. It takes surprisingly little to achieve this effect, but it looks pretty :P

Also, Sari legitly helped write this. I'm training her.

And yes, my dad is really like that in public. It's embarrassing.


So they end up playing, lol

lol that was so cute. Nice animation and stylistic backgrounds as well.

Since when is a boy afraid of a little girl with a water gun?

Pahgawk responds:

Since me, sadly.

Seems like my little sister. If I don't play with her, she asks other people to play with her. When everyone refuses, she comes back to me and for SOME REASON, I always have to go play with her out of guilt if I didn't. When we do play, it's usually a co-op video game (and I'm STILL her babysitter in the virtual world too!) When we don't play video games, we go outside and there I would do as you did and sit. When the other kids play, I join in because it's not fun if it's only me and my sister and I never think of anything fun to do that lasts long. I am the oldest kid on the block and I never get to have too much fun cause these guys were born in a time after the World Trade Center was destroyed. After I'm done playing with her, it's probably been an hour or so, and we take a break (depending on what time it is). Repeat the cycle until you go mad and understand why I can't get any work done. A perfect 5/5 on the animation anyway.

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I think I like these so much becaue I can relate to most of it with my little brother. I think you could mkae the animation a bit smoother, but I like the drawing style and the comedy. Keep it up!

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4.11 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2011
5:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original