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This is the intro for the new series I'm making, Super Mario Bros SMASH. It involve Bowser taking over Mushroom kingdom, and Mario, with some of his friends, have to slowly gain vantage points, to win an all out war between Koopa and Toadstool.

EDIT: I redid the song to match the flash. My computer runs slow, so what you saw was faster than what I saw. Now it's better.

New EDIT [10-5-11]: Redoing parts of my intro for my show, trying to make the animations more smooth.

New EDIT [4-25-12]: Finished all the intro. With episode 1 coming out soon, I fixed everything about my intro. Now it's cooler.


This series looks interesting, but this intro didn't have to be rushed. The logo, and animation could of looked better and the graphics were horrible. Although I liked the choice of music, but the Japanese version of Dragon Soul is really annoying. The animation wasn't that smooth. :( Although story looks interesting, but improve this later on.

By some chance...

would you be offended if I said this was like Super Mario Bros. Z

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Joe-You-Know responds:

not really, but i did base my intro off of the smbz intro style

Needs Improvement

Looks cool and all, but it needs something called sound. Sound effects, music, that sort of thing. Until then, it will be lame.

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Joe-You-Know responds:

I know, but usually in intros there is no sound. I already have all my sounds lineed up for my next episode. The song theme was there. If you couldn't here it then I'm sorry. But for intros you usually don't see much of sound effects. I will make sure in my episodes, however, that there are plenty of sound s to please the audience.

you can argue it all you want...

but this is the same concept used by SMBZ. Not saying it's not well done. but it's really lacking originality. 3/5'd.

Joe-You-Know responds:

Sorry, though i was inspired by Alvin.
I looked at his intro 1000 times trying to see what I wanted in my intro. His work I noticed didn't have fight scenes and i included that in here. I appreciate your honesty, and your perception. A lot of the ideas I used i got from watching SMBZ intro, but my actual series in which I have my script done and the voices voiced is so different. I tried to make something original, but for the intro I did use a lot of things I saw off the smbz intro. :)

This was Awesome

i saw this thing at his website and the music was in sync with his movie. I think this is soing to be a great show as long as you don't base it off of dragon ball z and not steal ideas from other authors

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Joe-You-Know responds:

Thank you, I was wondering what newgrounds did to my intro, but the preloader seemed to help. My website goes really fast, and when i compared the two i noticed newgrounds was playing my movie at around 18 frames per second, while my website played it at the right time.
Also my script is written and my voices voiced. The first episode is completly different than anything I have seen, so anything similar will be purely coincidental

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Jul 26, 2011
3:41 AM EDT