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Super Mario Bros SMASH In

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Author Comments

This is the intro for the new series I'm making, Super Mario Bros SMASH. It involve Bowser taking over Mushroom kingdom, and Mario, with some of his friends, have to slowly gain vantage points, to win an all out war between Koopa and Toadstool.

EDIT: I redid the song to match the flash. My computer runs slow, so what you saw was faster than what I saw. Now it's better.

New EDIT [10-5-11]: Redoing parts of my intro for my show, trying to make the animations more smooth.

New EDIT [4-25-12]: Finished all the intro. With episode 1 coming out soon, I fixed everything about my intro. Now it's cooler.



If Alwin would come off his lazy ass and finish the series, people would have a right to complain. Right now, this is a nice intro even if the poster needs to up his flash skills a bit.

@Poster: You might want to try and smoothen your graphics a bit, also beams that are hand drawn with paint don't cut it in sprite animations. Try to find beams and use them. Also, the cutoff at the end was a bit painful, try to make it a bit more smooth. Good luck with it.

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Joe-You-Know responds:

These actually weren't handrawn. I got the sprites from games i had been working with.
I have to agree about the end though, it did neeed to be more smooth. I kind of rushed it. I also have a sprite editor that leaves off all that junk white area stuff. I guess I should just get new beams for the show. Thanks for your import. I appreciate honesty.

Lame. Another SMBZ flash.

I love reviewing these shitty SMBZ ripoffs and there's no end in sight. This is the second Mario Bros. Z intro I've seen with the DBZ Kai song. Only the other one had better animation. Plus you used the Japanese audio, which is ten times more irritating.
Your sprites are low quality and your animation is twitchy. You also need to learn when to use graphics instead of movie clips and vica versa. I can forgive the shitty animation if you put out an entertaining story, but for an intro/test? Not a chance!

Joe-You-Know responds:

It's is NOT a smbz ripoff. although I do like his work, my series is way different than his. My series doesn't include sonic, and even though it didn't portray it in the intro, it isn't Dragon Ball Mario oriented. I did rush the intro, so I'm sorry you're unpleased, but I have in my story hundreds of koopas and toadstools fighting, and I wasn't able to show that in here like I wanted. Thank you for the review.


The music are amazing and the flash are so great, i love you guy

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I like it

wrong Titel?
DragonBallMArioBros.....is better i think ;D
i like the style ;D

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Joe-You-Know responds:

The story really isn't dragon ball at all. It just has choreograph that is a little similar. I don't plan on having ono on one fights like in dragon ball, rather full scale battle. I tried to show that im my intro, but to no avail :/


Back in my day, Mario and DBZ were not the same thing.

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Joe-You-Know responds:

I'm sorry you didn't like it. :/ I tried to include less Dragon Ball oriented things, because my actual series, really doesn't have beams everywhere and people yelling kamehameha or something, rather it has full scale battles and not as much dragon ball thing. I really wanted to keep them seperate. I did kind of rush my intro a bit and I wasn't able to put as much full scale battle between koopa and toadstool, so sorry.

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3.41 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2011
3:41 AM EDT