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just a test idea of a project i was working on - stack'em up.

biuld up the blocks according to the orange path.


This has potential.

You know, Newground says not post things for testing. This game would be fun if you made it more colorful, and maybe lives? Because its not really fun to get to the top and start over. And make more levels. This could definitely be a great game if you put some more effort :)

funfreestuff responds:

I didn't know that you cant test flash thanks for telling me
and as for the game ill put more effort into it. Thanks for the advice.

Very simple

It is too easy , the colors are bad and there is no sound . That doesn't mean it's a bad game but there is much room for improvement .

funfreestuff responds:

Thanks for the tips.

Like I siad this was just a part of the game im making but thanks
for the editing tips.

let down

very easy and only one level sorry let down

Ugh, the colors.

The color palette make my stomach churn, there was a total lack of audio, and the game play is based off an awful arcade game.

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Jul 26, 2011
2:43 AM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding