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Gap Monsters

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Share this mind-bending space-rending life-ending game with your enemies.


Complete ONE THIRD of the original levels.

SQUATTER 25 Points

Beat the Star Move for 10 GapWorld levels created by other players.

TWINKLE 25 Points

Beat the Star Move for ONE THIRD of the original levels.

VAGRANT 25 Points

Win 10 GapWorld levels created by other players.

CLUSTER 50 Points

Beat the Star Move for TWO THIRDS of the original levels.


Beat the Star Move for 20 GapWorld levels created by other players.

RED SCARE 50 Points

Complete TWO THIRDS of the original levels.


Win 20 GapWorld levels created by other players.

CLOSURE 100 Points

Complete ALL of the original levels.

GALAXY 100 Points

Beat the Star Move for ALL of the original levels.

VOYAGER 100 Points

Win 30 GapWorld levels created by other players.


Beat the Star Move for 30 GapWorld levels created by other players.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Google Chrome has a built-in Flash Player, and ever since the new update causes a sound glitch to happen. Before the update, it never occurred, yet it's the SAME file. Honest. Newgrounds has also noted other problems with the new Chrome update regarding Flash: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1265535
So... you might want to use a different browser until Google fixes this, unless they're too busy figuring out what the hell to do with G+ now.

EDIT: Issue seems to be fixed now. I did nothing.



Gap Monsters on KONGREGATE:

Gap Monsters on ARMORGAMES:


NOTE: You must be logged in on Newgrounds to submit your own levels. Everything else will still work fine.

EDIT: Over 300 GapWorld levels! You sadists.
EDIT: Over 800 GapWorld levels! You monsters.
EDIT: Over 1,000 GapWorld levels! You humans.


Mind-bending, Space-rending, and Completely Innocent Creature's Life-ending.

In this negative-space puzzle game, you'll drag around holes, fall through walls, and bring myriads of miniature Monsters to madness.

Say you sadistically hunger for more levels, or you just detest the levels I've made. That's fine, you can play negative-space puzzles created by other Newgroundians! And you too, can make your own.

Use the Level Creator to design your very own puzzles, and share them with a cold uncaring world. More Monsters to torture, for the good of everyone else!

Think outside the box, fellow monsters.



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Fun and addictive.

Fun game here i even like what you did with the menu page there so nice work there, So First off you really put some effort into This Game and it keeps my interest, And thats a possitive, so props there on that part of the effort, So I did not get bored easily wich i can tend to do in some game, but with this one you did ok, so its a good presentation, nice all around. i was facinated with everything here, now some parts could be better and there could be some new ideas and adjustments, but ill explain that later. Ialso like that you have put in a few medals here another fun piece of the game so nice effort once again, So a great flash, even won some awards and that was a plus especially with this type, just shows some good effort on your part and hope to see more like this soon. Wow i really got a kick out of this game, the "SOUND" he makes is also kinda funny, the style of the game is "UNIQUE" and is somewhat differant to it, you do have to really think on some of these puzzle types though so good game here and i am really entertained by it so nice overall effort and good concept, the "MUSIC" was notbad either so nice job there aswell. also all the extra little moves here and there was a plus aswell, so i was reallt taken with this game and i think i will add it as one of my faves, OKgood game but gets hard fast maybe you can have a better progressive level system but still a fun game.

Improvments are a plus always making the game better So while this was a pretty interesting game, here are some tips and Ideas that may help to improve on it, So here are a few suggestions, some effort on your side will only make this even better. So give these options a try as they can make this game look and play better, hope to see some changes soon. So imentioned a possible easier way as it gets too hard too fast but other then that this was actually pretty good and fun game not to mention addictive.

nice game but...

it is a very nice game but is too difficult so i put 9\10

A cool time-waster and brain-buster.

First off, awesome job making this game. It plays like a charm, has undeniably funny sound effects, and the Gapworld feature increases replayability about a billionfold.

+ Good graphics
+ Catchy, simple-yet-tough gameplay
+ Gapworld community feature
+ Funny sound effects (I like the dial tone one myself)

- Main game is far too short (beaten in about 10 minutes)
- Sometimes Gapworld glitches up and won't show you levels, forcing a page refresh

Overall, I give it a 9/10. only docking it for those minor faults.

PS: Pretty damn honored you put my 'Doing the Fives' level on your blog. I had no idea it'd become that popular with both you and the players. :3

People find this review helpful!
Nutcasenightmare responds:

Thanks very much for the review!

I've also noticed sometimes GapWorld doesn't display levels. That's why, in fact, I force it to auto-refresh after one second, and even then it still doesn't work 100% of the time. Of course, the Newgrounds API I'm using is still in beta, so that may be the problem.

And yes, your Doing The Fives level was a clever one, and the rest of the community rated it as one of the most challenging!

Play on, fellow monster.


This right here is why I respect Puzzle games. It's so incredible to see people still coming up with entirely new an innovative ways of gameplay. This is one of those great Puzzle games that I dare not challenge, because I know by the time I beat it my brain will be mush.

Great job on the game, online maps work perfectly.

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Nutcasenightmare responds:

Still, give the game a go, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
And this game's only killed a couple people.

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2011
9:19 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Frontpaged August 2, 2011
  • Daily Feature July 27, 2011
  • Weekly 4th Place July 26, 2011