Defense Force

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This game was put on halt. It was initially started in 2005, then remade but never finished.

eventually in the game you were able to unlock new weapons, upgrade them all. and there were tons of guys. like suicide bombers. tanks. trucks with soldiers in them planes, rocket launcher troopers. those were all made and a story. but not put together in this version. the only one i had. before the coder took away my access to them.



also. the bullets aren't hitting where the aimer cross hairs are, the cross hairs just indicate what gun you have. the bullets hit where the delayed white circle is to give the feel of operating a heavy gun.

press " ~ " you bring up the typing screen to punch in cheats.

cheat removeAllEnemies
- removes all enemies currently on the screen.

cheat endLevel
- ends the level normally. If there are enemies left on the screen, they will need to be killed before the level
stops. But no more enemies will apprear.

cheat ILoveThisGame
- gives the player infinite points to spend on upgrades.

cheat duke, nuke 'em
- launches an nuclear bomb

cheat omg
cheat OMG
- displays 'WTF' on the screen

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I... i just don't know what to say. It is unfinished, but it fucking rocks already! I can't even imagine what it would be like if you could finish. It's a shame your programmer was such a selfish idiot. By the way, can't you finish it? Don't you have any code left? Because it's too sad to leave such perfect game unfinished :\

Haters gonna hate

The levels that were done were realy good, shame your coder was being a prat and took away your access there.

Amazing looking Car: but with no Tires.

I know, heavy guns have a bit of a recoil to them. But the idea of a cross-hair actually getting in the way of knowing where the real cross-hair: a tiny transparent dot is is innovative in that no one was dumb enough to think of that before.

And even that wouldn't be so bad if the recoil was as if a child was shooting from the him with an assault rifles. Machine guns of this mid 20th century era had recoil and spread, but the mounted state prevented ridiculous spread where rounds would hit 30 degrees away from where the cross-hairs would imply

You actually have no Idea how good this game would be if you would simply replace that grey dot with the bigger crosshair, eliminated the original bigger cross-hair, and made the spread MUCH smaller.

AlmightyHans responds:

i mentioned many times to swap the transparent circle over your mouse for the cross hair. that way your mouse is less noticed than the actual place where the bullets are hitting. he liked that one better


I really can't believe you were involved in such a terrible game, Harry Partridge, since absolutely everything you do has such a quality of excellence around it. And your comments and updates seem to display that if something isn't up to your standards, you work on it more. This game's control is just awful, though, especially compared to what I was expecting. No matter how long I play it, the way the cursor displays and where the bullets actually land still doesn't make any sense, and the control system is by far the biggest flaw in the game. It makes it just completely unplayable in every way. It's simply impossible to accurately hit any targets in the game. This kind of idea could be an awesome game, but it's just not because of how it was done. I have to keep accounting for the bad aiming, so even with that adjustment I can never even tell if I'm actually hitting the enemies or not. Sometimes it takes an entire clip just for one shield guy. If only you actually shoot where the player aims in this game. It would be so much better.

If you guys fix this one real issue and add a bunch more to the game, I'm sure it could be a lot of fun. That little white dot around your cursor first made me think that's where it's actually hitting. Then I had to constantly search for the little "poof" where the bullet hits the ground. So I had to constantly shoot the ground just so I could get a grasp of how far from the cursor the bullets ACTUALLY were, then slowly move the cursor over to where the enemies were so I could know I was actually hitting them. Just make it so the bullets hit where the cursor is. Remove all that "off aiming" nonsense.

AlmightyHans responds:

the delayed reticle has to do with the weight of your gun. You can upgrade that as you play. the bullets hit where the half transparent circle trails. I had told the coder many times to switch it. basically have the crosshairs be where the dot is and the dot be where the cross hairs are. or else it's confusing.

I'm sorry for the bad experience,, but i hope this knowledge at least helps encourage you to give it another try. you can read the full story of why this game is half finished linked in the comments.

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Jul 25, 2011
8:17 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed