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Short Legs Want Rabbits

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Cut, hide, stack, help short leg brothers catch fat rabbits!
Beat the game, design your patten, win highscores in EVERY USERLEVEL, share your imagination with your friends!

Fresh and Fun strategy game waiting for your play!


Map editor.
Online level sharing with rating system.
Highscore for each user level to attract user back.
20 levels
2 rabbit mode

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A little too slow-paced. And why is the select level button always inactive in the title screen?

I have no idea how to beat the last level.

This is a really nice game, for adding and removing haystacks during the active phase of the game lets the player win even harder levels. However, I would also focus on a competetive mode, where it is required to try to reach / beat a given TOTAL highscore: The player should see in which level he did bad more easy and try to complete the level with a higher score. Giving the formula which calculates the score is a really good start here, btw!!! Most games dont do this, and there u would end up with a score number which seems random.

level 3 or 4 was a turn off for me, because I didnt see for the first 2 or 3 tries that I could put and remove hay during the active time, did I miss a hint? A short extra tutorial level with just a 2-way stone labrinth and one hay bale would have brought me towards the solution faster.

Additionally I would point out that placing and removing hay bales and cutting wood is less expensive (more points compared to active time) during preparation time, I would base the levels on this, for it is supposed to be a "thinking game", but leave the option to outsmart the bunny during active time! About every five levels a bonus level could be unlocked basing on the total score reached during these 5 levels.

Rabbit movement: I would start with even smaller levels, where the rabbit has only about 5 jumps, but increase the speed of the rabbit EVERY TIME it jumps! Why? This allows you to set up a "starting time", a timer which starts the rabbit once it runs out. This way you might have only one second from gamestart to place a hay bail before the rabbit starts running, in later levels where u have to place 5 or 10 haybails this would force the player to place the bails in the correct order, because the rabbit would have already passed the first position where the player wanted to put a bail if he started putting them elsewhere first. Levels with this "auto rabbit start" could be visualized with a "clock block" next to the rabbit, which makes it wake up after the timer runs out. If the clock only wakes up a rabbit adjacent to it, you also could use multiple clocks waking up rabbits at different times!

Just my 2 cents so far, hope you keep codeing, you re halfway there to a 5 star game :)

nice game ,rabbit hunt who doesnt like it?

i like it, its a nice game, cute and funny ^^,gameplay is nice i like the haystack put in-game, after a while though it became rather repetitive, maybe a few pict/cutscene every round/every 3 round will make the player enjoy it and wanted to play more to know whats next of action to our loving bear :) , if not its kindda like playing infinite mode.

I like the editor

Userlevels and editor make the game much more Interesting.

Easy to start and hard to get high score

bradhadair12 is Right, it is OK to win by adding and removing haystacks so the rabbit just ran back and forth and die. But when they are two rabbits, this way is not easy to work.
And I also found that they are some good ways to get high scores if you set the haystacks in the right place and remove it. If not, after 3 or 4 levels your score will be very low.