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Ice-cream 5 Points

die three times in a row

Regenerator 5 Points

take three times more damage than a full life bar

??? 10 Points

find the hidden ability, and unleash it

Greatest jump 10 Points

die from a fall

Victory 25 Points

defeat the wintermage

Author Comments

Mind-blowing action-platformer bossfight in 3D!
Your goal is to defeat your guild's old nemesis - the Wintermage.
To do that you'll have to use your air-spells, and all of your agility.
Good luck, this game is hard.
You might find the mouse controls difficult at the first sight. Practice around a little before you start climbing out the pit. The vertical movement is instant, the horizontal rotation depends on the mouse cursors's distance from the screen edge.
Some hints:
* Closer the mage is, higher the chance you'll get hit. Keep distance!
* On low health use your shield (spell 2) to avoid death.
* When you see a white particle, better turn on your shield, or get to a higher place.
If you've missed the tutorial:
Move with WASD, jump with space, select spells with 1,2,3 and use them with left mouse button.
If you experience any performance issues, make sure you have the latest flash player.


Hard and tricky

These game types seem to get better and better over the years, sometimes even abit tricky, now this particular one was somewaht diferant but still had my interest, It has a unique style to it and thats what drew me to it, still could use a few changes though. Haha cool game, so as i get into playing the game its actually pretty fun, and kind of reminds me of a game that i think was called "SHADOW-GATE" those oldtime scrollers are always cool, with this one you gave it a dark feel and was pretty neat that way, thecontrols were hard at first to figure out but most of it was pretty entertaining i thought, So i found this to be a tough game even as it starts out, so maybe making it somewhat easier it was mainly the controls being confusing and tough. So that comes to it, this was an overall fun and enjoyment of a flash submission, there was some good highlights, and some areas that could even be better, i thought you really showed some skill and some entertaining points and i was pretty pleased with this.

I have enjoyed this lil flash of yours, it had some interesting and differant stuff going on, allthough some areas could be worked on a bit, and it could be better for it even a touch of improvment so i will post a few ideas that may help, good luck with everything else, the game could be easier it was kind of hard, maybe 3 modes of diffaculty levels would be nice.


Can't say I beat the game, it's pretty damned hard, but I'm not complaining!
Back in the day, video games were nerve-wracking, if anything this kind of pays homage to that. I love the 3D and the art, even though some may find it sloppy, I find it artistic.
Love the game 5/5.
Keep it up, man!

Mad props.

Good sir, I have to give you mad props for creating a 3D game with flash. Everything works, but it's difficult to get it all to work... in the player's favor, I suppose. If you could include some sort of compatibility with external controllers (a PS3/360 controller) then this game would really, really deserve a 10. The game's frustrating, but I was never good at FPS games.

Despite anything else, your programming skills are amazing!

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pistatic responds:

thank you all, who wrote comments.
in the last few days before I released the game I realized it couldn't be a succes due to the impossible controls, and difficulty, but still finished though. When I started making it I thougth this will be a never before experienced 3d flash game, but it turned out there's no need for this kind of experience (in flash games at least).
next time i'll stick with 2d side scrolling and pixel art :)

not for me

i give a 8 cuz the gameplay with the mouse screws up my jumps, but some people like it and i'm not trying to start a fight here, i just won't play the game


couple things: first if you could make the horizontal move instantly like the vertical this would be an amazing game, the 3 different spells are actually pretty interesting. Second, the game is really short, and it doesn't give you enough to utilize the spells very much.

but its still a very interesting game and, the graphics are done really well

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Credits & Info

2.57 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2011
10:23 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other