Tree Of Life.

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Travelling through space you encounter the Tree of Life.
Make use of direction changers, teleporters, and morph pick ups to find the solution to each level.
Each maze you finish helps revive the Tree of Life.


*yawns* :3

Noty a bad game, but nothing too new or anything. I much as people might not like the low rating, the truth is after the 15th level I just couldnt play anymore :T simple doesnt mean repetitive, but this just happens to be both. Theres was no real sense of depth for me to grasp

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Frontpage Worthy:

Though not the best game out there on the web, and I'm sure the maker doesn't claim in to be, I feel that it was a good game. I also feel a little disappointed in all of those people with the "1" or "2" scores and terrible reviews. Their reasons are because it's too repetitive (because you have to use previously gained knowledge to make it through future puzzles) and that the levels are extremely easy (and the first TEN are). I'm not trying to "blam" those people, but people should at least take a shot at the whole game before giving a terrible review. "But the game looks like it was made for children," is an argument, and it can easily be forgiven if you look at that little thing called a "rating". It that's green E just above and to the left of the game screen. Now that my little (and maybe entertaining) rant is over, onto an actual review.

I felt that each level was original and that no two levels were alike, and the only criticism I have is that when you finish the game you have no real sense of reward. No medal, no extra levels (besides the bonus ones collected throughout the game), just a "congratulations" message. Like I said, that's my only real problem with the game. Other than that I enjoyed it, and some of the puzzles were quite challenging to the point I had to watch the walkthrough videos a couple of times. (Wow, I can feel the people I just made fun of getting ready to pounce on me for being "stupid" for that.) Anyways, good game, and definitely worthy of the frontpage no matter what anyone else says.


after the 2nd level I was bored. The game is really simple

Now You're Gaming With Portals!

I reviewed this just to make that joke. lolol
Good game, though. Even though I've seen this concept of changing types before, and arrows directing the character, I haven't seen it combined with one another. That is why this game is so good!

P.S. Just to get some lolz, make the portals blue/orange instead of red/green.

I didn't understand...

Is cool, but...What the??

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3.93 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2011
5:59 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other