Where are the Dinosaurs?

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So one year ago, today, I finished my part for a very promising project : The Dinosaur Collab.

A lot of great artists had signed on, and many of the parts were completed. But like many collabs, this one hit a brick wall right at the finish line.

Well, I'm not letting this one die like the dinosaurs ... Let's finish this!



Looks like Amy Winehouse saw a meteor coming...

Liked the animation, and the dubstep ending.

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well #Jaredskye001, since you only have 80 exp and have the rank as a "civilian" not to many i guess.

Personaly i thought it was great :P
Probably a tad to short if you know what i'm sayin.
Anyways i likes the voice acting and the animation style.

But the thing that would give this a 10/10 would be if most of the rock burnt up in the atmosphere and the tiny li'll rock that was left hit one of the dead dinosaurs in the head or something :)

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Hooray, There's a replay button!

You don't know how many flashes I've reviewed that never had a replay button. They just kept looping, and looping, and looping! But I'm getting off-track. Review time!

It's a decent first part of your apparent "dino collab". Some things could've improved it, like a little more than 5 seconds to watch. Of course it was also a tad adult-ish, which I wasn't much of a fan of.

The humor was pretty dry. There wasn't much of an abundance of it, either. The whole "drunken dino sex party" theme, however, was a good touch, though still quite crude.

OK, now for some real positive stuff. I enjoyed the art direction of it. Compared to other entries, it's pretty good stuff. And I liked how you decided to do your collab with dinosaurs as your main focus. It seems like a curious thing to do, considering not many people try making Dino-themed flash movies, especially in a collab. Finally, the voicing was decent, I guess. could've been better, but it's nice all the same.

I can only wonder what's gonna happen next with your collab work. Keep at it and you might come out with a true gem.

Har har humph

Great concept and voice acting

great !

amazing piece of work, but could use a bit more detail and quality ! btw what is the song at the end called

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4.18 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2011
2:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Original