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Where are the Dinosaurs?

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So one year ago, today, I finished my part for a very promising project : The Dinosaur Collab.

A lot of great artists had signed on, and many of the parts were completed. But like many collabs, this one hit a brick wall right at the finish line.

Well, I'm not letting this one die like the dinosaurs ... Let's finish this!



maybe this is how it hapened.....got drunk and dye


I'm guessing that means before newgrounds?

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I wasnt terrible and it wasnt good either. Hard to construct any form of wit against thist animation. Good quality drawings hope to see more maybe abit more humour and abit longer to which will allow there to be more humour.

And that's what really happened...

@Naruto522: And by "someone young" you mean one of the already completely perverted teens that regulary surf the interweb?

@GeoWatcher: It's not supposed to be long. Do you not understand what a collab is? It's an amalgamation of about 20-40 SHORT animations by various artists. If each one was 5 minutes long you'd end up watching a three hour thing. This is just part of an upcoming collab.

Oh the Irony

I love the joke though I wish you did something more to it, cus it just seems short, I mean you could of have Dinosaurs dancing and getting wasted that would have been more funny as you could have done more with the animation. Also the animation is ok, I mean the dinosaurs aren't really moving, instead they seem more like a still image. Also the rating seems to be set wrong, these is really for the mature.
So yeah those are my opinions, I hope you wont take this in the wrong way, cus I know this could be a lot funnier & I hope your up coming Dinosaurs videos will be a lot more better and longer then this one.

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4.18 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2011
2:46 PM EDT
Comedy - Original