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DimWitDog; Characters (c) Me

Psychopath; To preserve DimWitDog's original design, I decided to program the links to our favored accounts to the characters in the menu, mine on the right and hers on the left. I also placed our paypal donate buttons in correspondence with this principle; I.E. the characters.


I installed the preloader, the Youtube link, the keyboard based controls, the links to our accounts, the paypal donate/tip jar buttons, the flash ads and most complex of all, the CFC "quick list" application; a rotary controlled list of works created by the CrapFlashCrew's members and DimWitDog.


I fixed one small inconsistency with "DimWitCollies" nose. That's pretty much the extent of that.

SINcerely yours,


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Wtf is the fuss all about?

I stumbled upon this, looking for definately something else but noticing it's superb rating; I'm not going to diss the content issue, but 45 seconds or so of repeated frames with a shiny heart up the left hand side and a meagre "I love you" on the right alongside one of the poorest (Dear author why is there so much emphasis on such details in your comments, if you were aiming for perfection, how about submitting something more wholesome?) menus i've seen. It's cluttered and it's stupid due to the conflicting chibi furryness and the detailed animation of short clip. Two differing styles emulates a lacklustre and inconsistant submission however taking the time it was done in, into consideration I will commend you bonus points and I agree wholeheartedly with your observation on the flashes flaws. The futures bright anyhow, you seem to have a cult following.


it makes me long for my home country and my first love. this is beautiful work.


Okay, when do those fuckers get to fucking already? Watching them have a staring contest is fucking boring, all the more reason to just watch them make babies.

Actually that's sort of a nightmarish thought, the orange rabbit freak ejaculating and creating a new life form.

On second thought, I like the staring contest better. We'll stick with that, thank you.

It's good

Yeah good. I noticed that the key controls are still there, despite the fact that you didn't list them off in the menu. The down arrow key, usually used to pause the video, just mutes out the music. I take it that's because all the animations were crammed into Movie Clip symbols and therefore work on their own timeline, and therefore only the music on the main timeline stops. The only visual difference I see is that the animation doesn't end until you play the music again.

The up arrow key basically plays the music again after stopping it, allowing the animation to end eventually.

The M button does what it's always done; it goes back to the menu at the first frame. In other words, the preloader screen.

You know you probably could have fixed the issue of the animation not stopping when hitting the arrow key by taking the button programmed for it and copy/pasting it through out all the movie clip symbols in the timeline. But I have to imagine that you're fucking done with this crap and couldn't care anymore, aren't you?

I'm looking forward to your next animation Psychopath, or just the next you get permission from the author to use to your liking; piling on your own applications to it. Which ever comes first.

It's alright

I liked the old soundtrack better. I'm glad that you have a youtube link leading to the old version but with enhanced height and width proportions

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3.51 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2011
8:28 AM EDT