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LEVEL1 5 Points

Beat Level1

LEVEL2 5 Points

Beat LEvel 2

LEVEL3 5 Points

Beat Level 3

LEVEL4 5 Points

Beat Level 4

LEVEL5 5 Points

Beat Level 5

LEVEL6 5 Points

Beat Level 6

LEVEL7 5 Points

Beat Level 7

LEVEL8 5 Points

Beat Level 8

LEVEL9 25 Points

Beat Level 9


Last more than 150 seconds in challenge mode.

Author Comments

You don't do it for the Glory. You definitely don't do it for the rewards. In fact I'm not sure WHY you do it. But the important thing is that you DO. You are the manservant of the greatest, most manliest hero the world has ever known. And without your help he'd be pummelled into dust! Take care of his inventory while he's out adventuring and winning the hearts of the fair maidens. Behind every great hero, there is an even greater assistant!


its a great game sadly for the assitant does almost everything but the fame is for the hero :(

Behind every great hero...

It's a very fun game. the concept is very good, and the twist of where you're the assistant, not the hero, is a nice change of pace. The humor was pretty abundant, though a tad dry for taste. But it was still funny!

The game focuses on pretty much keeping the hero from getting eviscerated. It's mainly inventory management, with a layed-out grid system to keep things orderly. The key is to maximize the amount of items you carry so you can equip the "hero" with the best of the best so that he can beat his many, many foes.

Each item or weapon has a pro/con (such as if a weapon does more damage, more room is needed), and some weapons/items can be combined to save for space (for example, if you have some gold pieces cluttering up your inventory, you can place them in a gold pouch, which in turn you can put in a piggy bank).

And if you were to have a surplus of equipment, you can sell it for gold, which you can use for upgrades, like extra equip slots (A must have!!) or extended space in your grid for more gear to either equip or sell.

In all, it's a good game. You did a good job.

Along with my review, some tips for fellow players. it's a bit to read through, but it's worth it:

-when you want to cram in an extra bit of ammo for your ranged weapon, but don't have room, you don't need another weapon just to use the ammo. Instead, you can actually equip the ammo itself to one of your equip slots, and you'll get the same increase accordingly. Note that the extra ammo MUST be compatible with the ranged you have equipped.

-It's usually not a smart idea to cram up everything you see however you please. Plan your layout if need be, and leave anything not worth getting. otherwise, you may be having to scrap a very good weapon due to little space!

-Try not to leave enerything you see in hopes for high-level gear popping up. Try to keep some of the stuff you find, just in case that halberd you might have been wanting doesn't show, or that musket isn't available to you.

-If you lose because you might have turned down the one item you apparently needed, don't worry! Each level's gear is constant, so if you lose, you can always try the scenario again, where you'll know what to be prepared for!

-try to keep a sharp eye on what the creatures' weaknesses are before you start the level. You shouldn't cram in a bunch of potions against a monster weak against magic.

-Don't pass up ranged ammo because you might not have that exact weapon for it at the time. Save up your ammo, just in case.

-for challenge mode, it's a smart idea to hold onto the ranged weapons and gold containers for a while. You can use them for storage in case you come across ranged ammo and gold, then when they're full, you can poof them away! Don't immediately get rid of any of these items, because chances are, you might regret it later when you have ammo cluttering your grid, or money bolstering every nook and cranny!

-it's always a smart idea to keep some spare stars on hand for those big items in your inventory. You never know when you might come across a huge breastplate you might need to get rid of!

Hope this helps! Happy gaming!

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Good work!

Nice game to pass some time. Bit repetitive, but it's not that big a deal with short game like this :)

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Good concept but a little off at times

I thought it was a really good game, but it could have been improved a lot before releasing it. One of the main issues is money, it's way to easy to get. By level 5 I had everything maxed out. The reason for that is because of how unequal the price is for all of the items. For example, the smallest magic potion, which gives 1 magic, is sold for 100 coins, which is the same price as the large magic potion, which gives like 4 magic. There were problems like this for all weapon categories. Another issue I had is that when you beat a boss in one of the categories, the left over you had for it doesn't do anything. What is the point in telling me what it's "weak" against if it doesn't do anything. You basically want to max out all of your stats to ensure victory. Nevertheless it was a great game. Keep up the good work.

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Jul 22, 2011
1:22 PM EDT
Skill - Other
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