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LEVEL1 5 Points

Beat Level1

LEVEL2 5 Points

Beat LEvel 2

LEVEL3 5 Points

Beat Level 3

LEVEL4 5 Points

Beat Level 4

LEVEL5 5 Points

Beat Level 5

LEVEL6 5 Points

Beat Level 6

LEVEL7 5 Points

Beat Level 7

LEVEL8 5 Points

Beat Level 8

LEVEL9 25 Points

Beat Level 9


Last more than 150 seconds in challenge mode.

Author Comments

You don't do it for the Glory. You definitely don't do it for the rewards. In fact I'm not sure WHY you do it. But the important thing is that you DO. You are the manservant of the greatest, most manliest hero the world has ever known. And without your help he'd be pummelled into dust! Take care of his inventory while he's out adventuring and winning the hearts of the fair maidens. Behind every great hero, there is an even greater assistant!


Good start, room to improve

I like the overall concept and find the role you play entertaining. I did find it hard to get a strong range power going, so i ended up ignoring it. Some of the items don't have enough power in regard to the space they take up. I could max out my attack with two weapons, defense took two or three, and magic took two. The max equip slots is 10 and I only had to use 7 to win. I would recommend either introducing a wider selection of weapons, or more stats to try and raise before the battle. Would help balance the game out and make it a bit more challenging

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It was a good Idea but is imbalanced

So you took the inventory system from RE4 and turned into a game which is a neat concept but your random weapons make no sense in a strength sorta way. For instance I found that two broadaxes make my power maxed out on attack but a broadsword which takes the same space is weak? The whole point of more space taking up items is to assume they would be more powerful. You can do the same with two chest plates and two giant magic bottles. Finally is the ranged weapons this bar is the most broken and the most pointless to invest in. You put ammo in but don't give the weapon or vice versa so idk why you put ranged in because anyone who invested in trying to raise that bar mind as well restart the level and also wouldn't result in luck sometimes being the decider of the final out come. Finally is the leveling up of equipment it happens too fast I had everything maxed by stage five and why doesn't it just sell automatically if you press continue that makes no sense to me. Is this servant guy so thick he can figure to sell what the champion doesn't need? In fact this would balance it a little because you wouldn't get paid til after you beat the monster actually making the game slightly difficult. These were the only few issues but you managed to make it boring to me after I maxed the grid and inventory space because I didn't need to care about the gold items which freed up inventory space. The difficultly never ramps up the belt doesn't move fast and you can prevent an item from leaving the belt by dragging it a little. This game was made to easy but if you fixed these problems I think it would be a great game.

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Great Game!

This is a great game!
The music is very good, and the art is excellent, reminds me of "Emporer's New Groove".

Great game to the end!

I don't like how when you die, nothing bad happens, you don't even lose money!
That would have been a good idea, because I got all of the upgrades half way through the game, which made money useless.

I noticed in the battle, the enemy always attacks first, so you can't have equal amount of power, or you lose.
I know I'm nitpicking, and I'm sure this was designed to make the game a bit harder, but it would have been nice if it was random.

That would have been great if you had a button you could click, but it cost 10,000 gold, and you get an improvised audio clip from Egoraptor.

You guys should do that next time. :D

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

very good....

i likee de idea, graphics, diolog, but maybe a better ending, like the kid snaps and kill the hero, and alo u could make move vorioties of enimies, instead of the same one in 3 costumes. other than that, 9/10

Great Game. Few ideas if continuing series

1) Draws should either be canceled so noone gets a point-or-wheel decides
2) No random wheel for victor. Can make a mini-game maybe?..hmm?

Other than those games great. Very original and unique. Keep it up.

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4.42 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2011
1:22 PM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Frontpaged July 22, 2011
  • Daily Feature July 23, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place July 26, 2011