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LEVEL1 5 Points

Beat Level1

LEVEL2 5 Points

Beat LEvel 2

LEVEL3 5 Points

Beat Level 3

LEVEL4 5 Points

Beat Level 4

LEVEL5 5 Points

Beat Level 5

LEVEL6 5 Points

Beat Level 6

LEVEL7 5 Points

Beat Level 7

LEVEL8 5 Points

Beat Level 8

LEVEL9 25 Points

Beat Level 9


Last more than 150 seconds in challenge mode.

Author Comments

You don't do it for the Glory. You definitely don't do it for the rewards. In fact I'm not sure WHY you do it. But the important thing is that you DO. You are the manservant of the greatest, most manliest hero the world has ever known. And without your help he'd be pummelled into dust! Take care of his inventory while he's out adventuring and winning the hearts of the fair maidens. Behind every great hero, there is an even greater assistant!


Great job for this concept, but glitch discovered.

It is really hard to make a "packing" game entertaining, which is why there are so few, yet you've managed to do a great job. The voices are funny and fitting. The comedy is decent. The difficulty is a little higher then my liking, but to others it may be right on. I say this because the first enemy was the only one I defeated the first time around, but you learn and the tree enemies were the only ones I needed more than two times to beat (enemy two took five times, and that was a tie). I gave you eight stars instead of nine because of a glitch. Sometimes, when I tried to equip an item in the second part, but didn't quite get it into the slot, it would return to the grid, but it was the same animation as if it was returning to the belt in the first part. Afterwords, I couldn't do anything with it; I couldn't equip it or sell it. As I said, you lost a star for that, but otherwise, you did an awesome job.

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Well, damn o.o

Never thought it'd be that cool :O The gameplay is simple but so short... If there was another one with the same exact gameplay but waaaaay more levels, it'd be even better. Sorry, but only 8 because of the length of the game. =/

Great game! Just what I have been looking for.

This game reminds me of that old one were you have to pack a suitcase. That shit was the greatest. You have done a fine job holding my attention sir, for that I thank you. Art and voice acting were great as well. What was the name of that suitcase game?

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It was cool i guess

yeah i was having fun until like the middle biut then it just got really annoying like wuith all the loud noises and stuff, idk you couldv e edited it together better or something idk, but hey yeah ya know uits still a cool game cause like helping the hero you know that s a pretty origjinal premise for a game like you run around and like lol your heroes pants are falling down cause he likew forgot to wear a belt so u pick them back up abnd stuff haha yeah funny stuff and gthat one cumstain did the voices thats cool his stuff is overrated tho lol but hey whatever he does goed voice overs and stuff so whatever but yeah um this game was pretyt cool, it reminded me of last night when i was eating popcorn and watching tv, i dont trrmember what i was watching but at one poiint it made me laugh and one of those brown slivery popcorn thingies got stuck in my windipipe so i started coughing and little popcorny bits were goin all over my carpet so i was coughing harder cause i knew id have to clean it all u[p then the show or whatever made me laugh again and i had to inhale causde i was about to die and a bunch more opopcorn got stuck in my windpipe so i passed out then like an hour later i woke up and some paramedics were like looking at me and i guess the neighboreds called cause like they knoxked and i didnt answer but yeah they saved me and when i woerk up i asked them if my popcorn was stale lol so long story shoprt dont try to see how much popcorn you can fit in your mouth at once lol but yeah this game was pretty good lol i give it a 9 XD

Pretty Good

I had no idea that Egoraptor did the voices. My respect for this game just shot up 100%. Other than that, the game was decent. Understandably, I didn't find it particularly entertaining, but hey, it could've been a lot worse.

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4.42 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2011
1:22 PM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Frontpaged July 22, 2011
  • Daily Feature July 23, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place July 26, 2011