A Very Simple Game 2

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The bouncing smileys are back!
This is a sequel of sorts to my earlier submission 'A Very Simple Game' (which happened four years ago, and in another id - redcuty).

Just find and click the odd one out at each level to advance.
Take your time while enjoying the delightful levels and the soothing music.

But mind you, it can get challenging as you progress through he levels :)

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I thought it was kind of fun, a bit challenging at times. I do have a few suggestions though:

1) The music. I have to be honest with you, I didn't particularly care for it. Beyond that I didn't care for it there are times when it is preferable to have a mute in a flash game without muting your computer. Though I do understand that you are obviously fond of the music I would suggest adding a mute button.

2) I didn't particularly find the hints helpful. Though I do understand that you don't want the hints to be dead giveaways, it would be nice if they were more than just vague hints (or seemingly not applicable). Looking at the walkthrough given by Alexalmo, I am not certain if I finished the game by chance or actually found the proper differences. For example in level 8 I thought i was clicking on one with 5 lobed 'flowers' on it's head, and in level 9 I clicked the one that didn't get lit up.

I don't feel as though it needs a high score table or achievements, but it somehow felt like I was working towards noting come the end of the game. Also I didn't see the point in sending you back a level for clicking the wrong one. This would have sucked had it happened on a level I just kind of guessed on.

Ultimately it was funish, but rather on the short side and not anything I feel has any replay value. It doesn't seem to have any technical errors but it does have some minor annoyances. 3/5 7/10 and I think that is on the generous side of fair. Keep up the good work, and remember a mute button is never a bad thing unless it doesn't work.


good game, ethernal, it took me a long while to beat the game (cause you made it very challenging)

And here is the walkthrough (don't read it until you are REALLY sure that you can't pass a level):

- Level 1. Obviosuly, the odd one is the sad face.
- Level 2. There is only one that doesn't rebound. Click it.
- Level 3. One of the smileys has another dot in the right side of the head.
- Level 4. One of the rebounding smileys doesn't jump at the same time that the others.
- Level 5. Look at the rotating head dots between the eyes. Most of them rotates to the right. One of them does it to the left.
- Level 6. In the rotating circles in the head, you can see some spaces, that also rotate in the circles. Most of them rotates in the same way, but one of them has the spaces in another position, different than the others. Even if you beated this game before, is a bit challenging and you have to look at it carefully.
- Level 7. All the robots are on when they jump, and then they turn off when they reach the ground. One of them never stops bounding. That's the odd one.
- Level 8. Look at the flowers in their forehead. Almost all of them are inclined, but one of the smileys has straight flowers.
- Level 9. The point is the sideburns. All of them have them squared, and one of them pointed.
- Level 10. This is the last one. If you look at the white spots in the iar, you will notice that not all of them are white, but some of them are brown. Try to figure which one of them throws them.

And that's it.

pretty good

completed the game it wasnt that hard


i like interesting games better.

Love it.

BUt how do you do the sad ol chocalate??? Whats the difference?

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Jul 21, 2011
10:47 PM EDT
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