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goggles are sexy luis

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Thanks for the Daily Feature and Front Page!

Good lord I actually submitted something to Newgrounds.

So yeah, this was basically thought up as I observed a notable lack of a comma whilst perusing through the NGBBS thread concerning August's London Meet.


Enjoy the stupid.

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I'm surprised this is rated M... the only thing... well inappropriate (i guess) Is seeing Luis's ass..... his big... fat... disgusting.... putrid.... Lemon scented.... arse!

wait so in most of ur stuff ur a monkey and in the st. patricks day one ur human teh hell?
so like wat ru? a human that can also be a furry? if so thats epic :D

For the lolz

Found it quite funny, watched it a few times. It has you as the monkey with googles which i wish you would do more, he's so awesome!


PS: some people who commented appear to not know who Luis is... derp to you good sir(s)

Yes, grammar

Goggles are sexy,
Luis goggles are sexier,
Luis goggles on Wonchop's head are the sexiest!

There's a space in the forum adress;)

P.S. 2
Great flash, great animation, great voice - keep it up!