Maplestory Troll hunting

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A animation towards someone I kinda dislike ARE YOU SUUUUUUUUUUUURE YOU CAN WITNESS THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS ANIMATION?!?!?!? if yes good, if not, your fault for watching it C: enjoy.

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i loled

very nice animation. Is this to commemorate the coming of PVP in maplestory? Nexon America made the grand pvp opening yesterday.

I like the last ultimate combo with Astral Finish. Say, can you tell me the font you used for all the text? I see CrEaToR Campo type but the other i dont know them.

CorruptedFlame27 responds:

thanks. yeah one of the fonts was CrEaToR Campo . and the other was bleeding cowboys.

very cool

A very cool animation. I did not completely understand what was going on though. I liked it over all though.

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CorruptedFlame27 responds:

yeah, not really too much to it, just a beat down. lol i was bored so i whipped this up. im glad you liked it.

first impression: oh god not this crap

that's what happens when you use spongebob songs. but im glad i watched it. its actually a pretty good fight scene. (i feel slightly sad that i know where a lot of those sound bits came from) good job mr.chibi-fight-master.

i really wish this had an actually end though. with a play button and everything. even though it's really well done, its still annoying to have to listen to it replay while writing a review or something. other than that, you did alot better than most people who try to do this sort of thing.

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CorruptedFlame27 responds:

thanks, that really means alot.

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Jul 21, 2011
12:07 PM EDT