Mario VS. Luigi - Finale

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Okay, so i know i havent uploaded ANYTHING in a while and i DID promise i`ll train. But this is exactly what i count as training. Making Random Sprite Fight projects. Well, thanks to someone, i was persuaded to make a third part of Mario vs Luigi. Of course... Mario and Luigi seemed out cold but they werent. Just for a while.
I will also input this into YouTube as well. Goodbye SPHX1, you overloaded crap in 13 episodes!
As promised i`ll DO Season 2 but with such improvements as here. Everything bigger, better AND fancier. :3
But it`ll be more time consuming.

I also have a few projects i did in the mean time so i might as well upload them too.
Now, rate, review, and enjoy!!!! AND if you DO see any flaws, inform me.


Very good effort

Man you went balls in on this one it was pretty epic (Y)(Y)

Exorz responds:

Yep i know. I was sweating a whole lot cuz its summer as well. ^^ Thanks for reviewing.

Sonic or BeyBlade?

WTF? All atk are spins moves.
This is really mario vs luigi?! ¬¬
So, Good work!

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Exorz responds:

Ehm... if its 'good work' why give it a 4?...

How does slow motion make it hurt more?


The same moves over and over, ridiculous spinning that was only in the most recent of games, and yet somehow they would use all of this in an epic fight to the death? If you ask me (and your not, but IF you did) you should really come up with more content for such fight videos that you post up in the future.

Good job on the animation, and great effort on your part. Just be more creative, I know you've got it in ya. 4/5 in my book.

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Exorz responds:



where did you get your sound effects?

Exorz responds:

Read the credits.

Why make them spindash?

That was one of the most annoying things with this video... These are MARIO characters, not SONIC characters. THey can't spindash!

Second, OVERUSE OF FRIGGEN SOUND EFFECTS, my god I heard that stupid spnning thing from mario 3 SO many times I wanted to exit this video RIGHT THEN AND THERE, MY GOD!

Third, all the sounds you used/music. You do know you're supposed to turn those into events so you don't get that friggen static? next, if you do want them as streams to save file size, lower the sound's volume! cut it in half so we don't hear that friggen static! That was so damn annoying!

I gave you a seven for the decent animation and a 3/5 for the same reason. Seriously, if you wanted to make them spindash, make it a sonic animation.

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Exorz responds:

Um... thanks i guess. I just wanted to do something on my own. Rly. And ya i know. I`ll try to improve audiowise. Thanks for reviewing.

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2.62 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2011
1:21 PM EDT