Mario VS. Luigi - Finale

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Okay, so i know i havent uploaded ANYTHING in a while and i DID promise i`ll train. But this is exactly what i count as training. Making Random Sprite Fight projects. Well, thanks to someone, i was persuaded to make a third part of Mario vs Luigi. Of course... Mario and Luigi seemed out cold but they werent. Just for a while.
I will also input this into YouTube as well. Goodbye SPHX1, you overloaded crap in 13 episodes!
As promised i`ll DO Season 2 but with such improvements as here. Everything bigger, better AND fancier. :3
But it`ll be more time consuming.

I also have a few projects i did in the mean time so i might as well upload them too.
Now, rate, review, and enjoy!!!! AND if you DO see any flaws, inform me.


Same Old Problem...

Had to turn it off at the halfway mark.

The idea itself is done to death with an added and very annoying flaw - Constant, unwanted, overused, OTT slowmotion.

There is nothing more annoying than people pumping so much heart and effort into sprite-fights only to inject 85% of the movie with continuous aggravating slow-motion.

It could have been fun to watch but, honestly, slowmotion for 5seconds every 2seconds is NOT a good thing at ALL in a fight-scene of any kind, beit movies, flash, gaming or any media.

Please - If you ever remake this, or create a new one, stop with the slow-motion - It's all well and good using it 'occasionally' but 'all the time' is one sure way of making it unwatchable for quite a lot of people.

Check any Sprite Fight from popular authors like the SFvMK Exiles movies, SFvMK series from Proxicide, the SMBZ series or even my own Castlevania Sprite Fight - None of them overuse slowdown and for good reason - It's painful to watch.

Other than that it was smooth and you have a solid foundation to use for future work - However, during the pre-loader, that tune has very annoying crackle and the loop itself is irritating.

Just some basic criticism, don't take it to heart.

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Exorz responds:

No no, i understand man. I really made that badly. Heh, if you think that i still overuse slow-mo stuff, why don`t you pay a visit at my most recent animation (Link vs Virus Link is not the most... but certainly my best piece of work yet)..
Please, id be honored to.

And thanks for the criticism too. :D


For starters, the frame rate is too high. A sprite flash running at like 60fps isn't better, the action is too fast to keep up with (except for those tedious times you slowed everything down). Also, what's with the excessive spin ball attacks? It's as if you were too lazy to actually animate them fighting most of the time, so you just tweened that same graphic over and over, which I think looked really dumb.

I still stand by the belief that Mario and pointless anime style violence does not mix. It was a fun idea when SMBZ first started but now it's just stale, repetitive and really lame. Don't bother with the stereotypical "this is nothing like SMBZ" argument either.

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Exorz responds:

But this IS nothing like SMBZ...

woah, I like that fight.

I donĀ“t have to say anything about the technical part, because that worked really good. and I really think that that fight was awesome. the only thing that could bother me a little is the music before the movie starts, in that menu where you could chose another episode or play the movie, is an intense krr-krr-krr. but further no complaining from me.

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Exorz responds:

Thanks for the review man. See this isnt at my best, not by far im afraid. Its just to learn how to pull off some awesome tricks others can. Mainly the slow mo and after images if you were wondering why the so many slow mos. Otherwise ill be fixing the sound sooner or later. Thanks.

I agree with Blank- Mage.

Awesome video! The way you done the signiture moves was awesome! But it could have been a little faster. Anyway 10 stars for sure by me!

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Exorz responds:

Thanks dude. But the slow mo trick was for PRACTICE. I couldve made it faster and all that jazz u know.

I must say, pretty good.

I know it's just for training, and it's good, but I won't be all giving 10s and 10s and 5/5 so easily now!

Some sounds are on stream which ruins the movie, but if that's your choice then okay...

By the way, how did you make the land blur?
What method did you use? Put the land movie clip there, copy and paste until it's long enough? How? If I put my land moving to the right/left to blur, it won't blur and half of it disappears! Just in the fla. But when you test it it's fine but no blur!

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Exorz responds:

Hmm... You better look for Eric Marte`s tutorials. I cant help u. I could but im too busy with my own projects. And thanks.

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Jul 20, 2011
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