Mario VS. Luigi - Finale

July 20, 2011 –
November 5, 2018
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Author Comments

Okay, so i know i havent uploaded ANYTHING in a while and i DID promise i`ll train. But this is exactly what i count as training. Making Random Sprite Fight projects. Well, thanks to someone, i was persuaded to make a third part of Mario vs Luigi. Of course... Mario and Luigi seemed out cold but they werent. Just for a while.
I will also input this into YouTube as well. Goodbye SPHX1, you overloaded crap in 13 episodes!
As promised i`ll DO Season 2 but with such improvements as here. Everything bigger, better AND fancier. :3
But it`ll be more time consuming.

I also have a few projects i did in the mean time so i might as well upload them too.
Now, rate, review, and enjoy!!!! AND if you DO see any flaws, inform me.


Kinda bugs me to say, but too much slow motion is very annoying and it makes me not want to watch it anymore. I think I would give it a 3 star without slow motion. Making it normal please? What I liked about it is the action, but I really makes me sad when I see nie action but slow motion which is making me tired and unwatchable. I give it a 1 star unfortunately.........

<deleted> responds:

Its a very old project anyway, don`t worry about it. I know how to work on things like that now. C: Thanks.

great but way too loud


This movie was just AMAZING! Loved the fighting scenes and Powering Up, but I didn't like how at the end Mario's Face turned into a big yellow smile.

i think it was the best sprite battle ever!!!!but sorr i have to agree with ropedrink dont overuse slow speed but other than that i give u a 9/10.

Same Old Problem...

Had to turn it off at the halfway mark.

The idea itself is done to death with an added and very annoying flaw - Constant, unwanted, overused, OTT slowmotion.

There is nothing more annoying than people pumping so much heart and effort into sprite-fights only to inject 85% of the movie with continuous aggravating slow-motion.

It could have been fun to watch but, honestly, slowmotion for 5seconds every 2seconds is NOT a good thing at ALL in a fight-scene of any kind, beit movies, flash, gaming or any media.

Please - If you ever remake this, or create a new one, stop with the slow-motion - It's all well and good using it 'occasionally' but 'all the time' is one sure way of making it unwatchable for quite a lot of people.

Check any Sprite Fight from popular authors like the SFvMK Exiles movies, SFvMK series from Proxicide, the SMBZ series or even my own Castlevania Sprite Fight - None of them overuse slowdown and for good reason - It's painful to watch.

Other than that it was smooth and you have a solid foundation to use for future work - However, during the pre-loader, that tune has very annoying crackle and the loop itself is irritating.

Just some basic criticism, don't take it to heart.

<deleted> responds:

No no, i understand man. I really made that badly. Heh, if you think that i still overuse slow-mo stuff, why don`t you pay a visit at my most recent animation (Link vs Virus Link is not the most... but certainly my best piece of work yet)..
Please, id be honored to.

And thanks for the criticism too. :D


For starters, the frame rate is too high. A sprite flash running at like 60fps isn't better, the action is too fast to keep up with (except for those tedious times you slowed everything down). Also, what's with the excessive spin ball attacks? It's as if you were too lazy to actually animate them fighting most of the time, so you just tweened that same graphic over and over, which I think looked really dumb.

I still stand by the belief that Mario and pointless anime style violence does not mix. It was a fun idea when SMBZ first started but now it's just stale, repetitive and really lame. Don't bother with the stereotypical "this is nothing like SMBZ" argument either.

<deleted> responds:

But this IS nothing like SMBZ...

woah, I like that fight.

I don´t have to say anything about the technical part, because that worked really good. and I really think that that fight was awesome. the only thing that could bother me a little is the music before the movie starts, in that menu where you could chose another episode or play the movie, is an intense krr-krr-krr. but further no complaining from me.

<deleted> responds:

Thanks for the review man. See this isnt at my best, not by far im afraid. Its just to learn how to pull off some awesome tricks others can. Mainly the slow mo and after images if you were wondering why the so many slow mos. Otherwise ill be fixing the sound sooner or later. Thanks.

I agree with Blank- Mage.

Awesome video! The way you done the signiture moves was awesome! But it could have been a little faster. Anyway 10 stars for sure by me!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks dude. But the slow mo trick was for PRACTICE. I couldve made it faster and all that jazz u know.

I must say, pretty good.

I know it's just for training, and it's good, but I won't be all giving 10s and 10s and 5/5 so easily now!

Some sounds are on stream which ruins the movie, but if that's your choice then okay...

By the way, how did you make the land blur?
What method did you use? Put the land movie clip there, copy and paste until it's long enough? How? If I put my land moving to the right/left to blur, it won't blur and half of it disappears! Just in the fla. But when you test it it's fine but no blur!

<deleted> responds:

Hmm... You better look for Eric Marte`s tutorials. I cant help u. I could but im too busy with my own projects. And thanks.

great video

even if it was for training was still great and i like how you did the opposite element thing wind vs earth. You're doing alot better hope to see more from ya

<deleted> responds:

Yea, thanks for reviewing.

Good work, could be faster.

First and most importantly, less slow mo. Much less. Seriously. The same sound effect, the same transparent duplicate thing, the same echo, every half of a second, it was bad. That's the biggest problem I had with it by far.

The signature moves were fun, but I think each character only needed 1 or 2, rather than 6 or 7. (Putting my Japanese to the test, are you?)

Far fewer effects than you used with PHX, which is a great thing. You did cut away (fade to black) quite a bit, and considering you didn't change backgrounds, it just wasn't necessary. The extreme close-ups got a little bit hard to follow, too. (Why can they spindash now? When did this happen?)

The sense of humor in the last minute or so was unexpected, and made me chuckle, so bonus points.

<deleted> responds:

...Right. About the slow mos. I said it >9000x. I was practicing that trick. This is not a serious project after all. It was mere training to focus on stuff i yet didn`t know. The signature moves... Well we know Mario for years even 6 or 7 sig. moves are too little based on how much time he does this smashing koopas and goombas and whatnots.
And yes, that`s exactly what i`m doing. Writing on Japanese because most people don`t know that language and are idiots... (Idiot).
Ever played Superstar Saga or Partners in Time? There we see how they do this spindash.
And if it wasnt for the chuckling this is worth a 6 only?! Beeyatch.


youve got it done awsome

<deleted> responds:

Yep. Thanks :D

alright, spreading wings. A few things though.

Ok so its nice to see your skillz being used somewhere else. I enjoyed it but I had a few time where i wished you wouldnt do what I saw. First off, your skewing. Skewing is nice but it must be fluid, and to make it fluid it has to be rather brief. Theres too much skew and its too obvious. (one of the downfalls of slow motion but ill get to that in a bit.) My advice when u plan on skewing in a slow motion scene ease up on the gas a bit. not so much that you drop the skew all together but just not too much. Second, the slow motion. Everything looks better in slow motion, but too much slow motion can only get so far. Doing it on every signature move can be fun, but when I see it as many times as I saw it here It takes away my excitement for the movie. because if I really think about it I can have to guys do 5 moves only and stretch it out to a minute. So to solve that problem, put in som fast movement scenes that are hard to follow then FOLLOW UP with a slow mo. Its a nifty combination that every one loves but not too much of it. Third, the choreography. Decent to say the least and theres not many problems there. but what I wanna see more of is clean dodges and counter attacks. Now my favorite part was the dialog, nice and enjoyable to read. also the ending was rather...... hm.... yeah Ill find a word for it eventually lolz. So good job, 7 and a half cuz theres no half ratings here. And this is probably the longest review ive ever given so yeah.

<deleted> responds:

Yes, i know. And i`m really glad you are once more proud, master. :P
The skewing.. let`s see. Everyone seems to complain about that as well. I really don`t see where the skewing is off. The slow mos... i was practicing that and that is why i did it so many times. That and the afterimages. And when i focus on Coreography, yes, you`ll see what you want. And the ending is kinda random. I always wanted to end it up like that :D And thanks for reviewing.
Ah and i have an average of 7.7 :3 so there was judging by halves or 10ths.

And what dialogue?! If you mean by the signature moves... thats merely text at all.


It's good, but i see some flaws here that can be resolved. I don't care what other people think of this review, i for one did not think it's 5/5 10/10 material. One thing that tickles my nerve is the signature move name base. This may seem minor but it's really been making a way into my discomfort zone. Mario and Luigi is an american franchise, seeing that it's a Mario and Luigi battle the names could be more directed to the actual content. Instead of (Insert Japanese name here) it could be called the "Toadstool Slam" or something of that nature.
It's well animated, but i have also noticed a dangerous amount of movement repetition, the entire fight mainly consisted of DBZ style punch combat and spinning, much spinning, and i think there's a whole room of movement opportunity that can be added besides the movement base you've chosen. Smooth animation, boring fighting. All in all i'll give it a 7/10 and 4/5.

<deleted> responds:

Hey i never said i should be getting a 5/5 or 10/10. I`m just glad you like it. And that i have a decent score.
But i want to tell you something.
1. The one who created Super Mario BROS is Japanese, and even if he isn`t, i know MANY games (maybe all) that have been translated to Japanese. So tell me, how come that doesn`t tick you off but this does? OR that SMBZ does the same thing (almost)?
I credit PacBoy for using his idea; writing down signature movement analysis is his AND the creator of Mega Sonic Bros` ideas. And i know combining English with Japanese doesn`t fit very well, but it was worth to try.
2. Let`s see... Movement repetition you say. Yes i quite noticed that. I wasn`t trying to do ANYTHING fancy around there, i was training. This is a training project, and i`ve mainly tried to learn as many effects by doing some random experiments on commands and whatnots. And if i were to judge, i`d say the last part (when Mario transforms to Gorem) was rushed up. All he did was 2 rolls on Luigi and he`s down.
So i will try to fix that. About the spinning part. For the last time, this isn`t copying SONIC or BEYBLADE. Geez. Play 'Super Mario: Partners in Time', a RPG game for NDS, you`ll see what i really mean by that. There was involved that spinning part.
3. DBZ... SMBZ... What the goddamn flying hell is wrong with you all?! DBZ`s style is all cocky talk and strong punches and all blasts. That`s it. SMBZ is way another style of DBZ, I can`t deny that, Alvin has his own style just that he uses DBZ soundeffects. WHERE THE HELL DO U SEE THE RESEMBLANCE THERE?!
And here, i might say its SMBZ ripoff, not DBZ. But since everyone animates his own way, it can`t be considered so. I mean there are like 2 or 3 DBZ soundeffects used here and they can be merely heard or rarely used here. (Except for the misses. the Stickman ones were low on volume to hear).
I am not mad or angry, CAPS LOCK doesn`t mean i`m yelling, just so you can see my point clearer. More like emphasizing. And i really appreciate the constructive criticism but i can get really mad when people judge something unfairly. I don`t say YOU did so, i`m saying MANY do so. Everyone`s like: 'OMG this is SMBZ', or 'I HATE MARIO', or 'This is sprite bullcrap' etc... People really need to judge stuff properly.
And again, i really appreciate your kind review, but you ought to think about the whole DBZ thing, you know.

Great finale!

I like the animation, signature moves, music and stuff like that that is awesome well for some reason i think this will be really swell if this was on the Frontpage of Newgrounds.

<deleted> responds:

Ditto bro. Although it wasn`t even a 5th place. Or a weekly choice. OR a Crew Review Pick... Maybe people aren`t interested in sprites anymore. *sob*


Very nice. I saw the post on Facebook. Well done. :D

<deleted> responds:

EPIC!!!! Thanks brah.


i loved this fight but i really loved your creativity on those items man awsome job keep it up

<deleted> responds:

Yea thanks a lot bro. Means a lot.


I expected an overdone mario fighting flash. It kinda was. But you used unique ideas. I kinda want to see a Hurricane Luigi villain now. Very nice fight. Only thing is though, there were some times where I couldn't tell who was hitting who. Some of that is the fighting style you used, but part of it was that you couldn't tell what they were really doing. Other than that, it was really good.

<deleted> responds:

Yep. I know, fast paced action. Thanks for reviewing.

it's good....

first i bet that "someone" *cough* me *cough*
did help you no I'm not mad but you could at least not call someone
well about this it's awesome i like this the animations are not to much heavy not too big effects it was just great if sonic phx 2 will look like this you'll get to the top

<deleted> responds:

Hmm... right. I know, dude. But it wasnt U who persuaded me, it was PacBoy. But i credited you too. I made the first few seconds like in your flash. So... thanks for reviewing and i don`t know yet. Many ppl say this is like SMBZ... Many people had still been complaining...

crazy :D

like it but the only real problem to me was your choice in cloning the character before they attacked in slow-mo because it was really confusing and i thought they cood duplicate or somthing.

<deleted> responds:

Uhh its called afterimages. AND thanks for pointing out one more flaw i considered myself... I might remaster it or fix it... but not like anyone would watch it.

has problems

the majoy problems i got with this is that when they fight you can only just keep up cause you bring em too close to the screen, the whole special move thing i gots a problem with and the ball thing kinda sux
The style remind me of the super Mario Bros Z series i like, but thats pretty much the only thing i like about this vid, was hoping Luigi would win. Having Mario win just vause he's mario sux, not enough credit goes to Luigi i think

<deleted> responds:

Yea... i wanted to make this funny scene WHY Luigi never had his own game (like SMB). I did want to make choices but its a bit difficult to... actionscript.
Anyhow thanks and i`ll try better next time.

Not Really Mario vs Luigi!!!!

I have to agree with Xyon... Sonic or BeyBlade would have suited the ball shaped attacks better. Mario and Luigi don't go into ball shapes and fly around the screen to attack. They stand up and run and jump around the screen using fists, feet or weapons to attack.

I did enjoy the majority of the flash but found myself getting bored of the ball shaped attacks/running bits which dragged the score down for me. If you do another Mario/Luigi flash then go back the old style... no ball attacks.

<deleted> responds:

Ah... i see. Have you ever played Mario & Luigi: Partners in time? Well go and play cuz it seems you haven`t. PLUS, many games involve Mario and Luigi spinning (or just Mario or Luigi). Take Super Mario Galaxy 2 for example. Gorem Mario is a Rock Mario version but with sand and mud powers as well, PLUS gravity control (but we dont know that wery vell now do we XD). Anyhow, i still thank you for the kind words dude, means a lot.

SMBZ... What?

It's not SMBZ, its DBZ-style fighting(comment below), but even then it wasn't completely DBZ. Loved the animation great work!

<deleted> responds:

Imitation is the sincerest way of flattery. And thanks for reviewing.


Only main gripe is it is to mych like SMBZ. Find your own style man.

<deleted> responds:

Imitation is the sincerest way of flattery.

Very good effort

Man you went balls in on this one it was pretty epic (Y)(Y)

<deleted> responds:

Yep i know. I was sweating a whole lot cuz its summer as well. ^^ Thanks for reviewing.

Sonic or BeyBlade?

WTF? All atk are spins moves.
This is really mario vs luigi?! ¬¬
So, Good work!

<deleted> responds:

Ehm... if its 'good work' why give it a 4?...

How does slow motion make it hurt more?


The same moves over and over, ridiculous spinning that was only in the most recent of games, and yet somehow they would use all of this in an epic fight to the death? If you ask me (and your not, but IF you did) you should really come up with more content for such fight videos that you post up in the future.

Good job on the animation, and great effort on your part. Just be more creative, I know you've got it in ya. 4/5 in my book.

<deleted> responds:



where did you get your sound effects?

<deleted> responds:

Read the credits.

Why make them spindash?

That was one of the most annoying things with this video... These are MARIO characters, not SONIC characters. THey can't spindash!

Second, OVERUSE OF FRIGGEN SOUND EFFECTS, my god I heard that stupid spnning thing from mario 3 SO many times I wanted to exit this video RIGHT THEN AND THERE, MY GOD!

Third, all the sounds you used/music. You do know you're supposed to turn those into events so you don't get that friggen static? next, if you do want them as streams to save file size, lower the sound's volume! cut it in half so we don't hear that friggen static! That was so damn annoying!

I gave you a seven for the decent animation and a 3/5 for the same reason. Seriously, if you wanted to make them spindash, make it a sonic animation.

<deleted> responds:

Um... thanks i guess. I just wanted to do something on my own. Rly. And ya i know. I`ll try to improve audiowise. Thanks for reviewing.


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