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Unreal Flash 3

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I really hope you enjoy playing this!!
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Jump: W
Move: A & D
Secondary Fire: Hold S
Quick Switch: Q


esta buena la intropero cuando matas a tres es triplekill multikill es cuando matas a 4 buen juego

Its OK

I liked it and my game experience has been pretty much glitch free but the fact that friendly fire is on and that your team-mates have a much lower AI than the opposition doesn't favour the player. On one match (the fight against the Ancient guardians ((Team death match to 10))) i got 9 kills and my 3 team-mates didn't even get one and the fact is that all they do is rush in block you from shooting, then dying. I even found myself killing all my team-mates and the opposition and getting a better score than letter them die. Overall the game play was good but could you please fix the friendly AI or at least turn of friendly fire, Thanks.

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When I played team death match... my team had the most kills and the least deaths, yet we where in last place, while the team with the most deaths and least kills won first...
It dosen't seem to make any sense to me... I know headshots may add score, but cmon, it dosen't even make any sense

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Its fun, but it seems...small?

This is just like all of the classics. As far I know, the whole point is to go all out in some Halo themed blood war, get a certain amount of kills or complete the objective. pretty simple, but the maps for it are just too small for any game type. Either that or the characters are to big.

I've so far only played up to Einstein the first boss. Let me tell you, the level design is pretty decent for a platform shooter. Getting from one place to another is pretty amusing with the teleporters and jump pads. I have no problem with it, its just that its too small.

The weapons are superb and fairly balanced. the secondary weapons are fun and helpful. For instance, I love dual weilding me a hefty RPG, but if someone gets too close, I don't have to blow myself up, because I got flamethrowers to back me up.

The AI are noobs which is kind of a big downer for me. Even worse are the AI in Instagib and the boss fights, which are pretty difficult unless you have a decent strategy.

Overall, I think this game is more of a B-. It's fun and fast paced, with great sound, AND it doesn't stray far from its predecessors. Its just the maps are small and the AI needs some fine tuning. Like a previous review said the day before, "the AI are noobs, but it means more headshots for me) and that is exactly how i feel.

keep up the good work man.

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cant get past level 12 4 V 4. the AI are just so hopeless

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