Unreal Flash 3

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I really hope you enjoy playing this!!
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Jump: W
Move: A & D
Secondary Fire: Hold S
Quick Switch: Q


Is this Game Heaven?

Unreal Flash 3:


+ Are nice the colours and the details on the weapons the bullets and all others are all well done above the standard level.

+ The menu's as well as the background of each level are nice don't jump into the game too much and are detailled.


+ Nice audio tracks you got about 6 different ones nothing else to say then Great job audio is important in a game and you took the time to bring them in your game.

+ the bullets all have a clear sound and the timing is perfect.

- Maybe a bit of different audio tracks cause they sound a bit similiar but maybe you couldn't do this so it's not a biggie


+ Your game works good the fast paced action is nice as well and well the game is fun to play

+ the variety of classess and races as well as the different areas is sweet

- Your teleporters are a bit bad once you go in them you wait for a sec and you go back down instead pick a button we must press to quickly go up or down or another area with the teleporter like the right mouse button maybe?

- it's all a bit in levels not a bad thing but it doesn't have that real story to it instead give it zone names and maybe a bit of story writing would increase the game storyline and explain the story a bit better.


+ the different classes/races symbols are a nice extra

+ Also the map is a fine detail for this kind of games it shows the level and where you are and it doesn't take up too much room in your gameplay field.

+ the free mode is a nice extra.

+ Your medals are also a plus to the game
Verdict: 8/10 = Is this Game Heaven?

Unreal Flash 3 brings us a platform shooter with nice races and classes as well as a variety of weapons which to choose from with their own unique name.
The graphics and audio are this game's biggest win the gameplay follows with a nice to play game with a few problems but this are minor issues
The extra's in the game are the classess and their icons as well as how the menu's are polished up and really show that this game has been worked on

> No real storyline not even a real text for a level intro or any known info

> The teleporters have some problems


+ Put a storyline in it doesn't have to be a real complex or detailed storyline just a text intro for each level like what we are doing there and why a small history of every class and races ( I know this takes time and a lot of work but it be worthy it and once you made it you can use it again in future games)

+ The teleporters should be accessed with a side key like the right mouse button or so.
Cause now you get teleported back if you don't immediately move.
(Small issue)

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if only online i would do headshots everyday


i love it when they say HEADSHOT!


I'm not really sure if I can put the cheats, but please do answer, how do I disable the cheats? I went to matrix mode and I can't put it out, it's really irritating me

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I waited years for this and its back, and better than i tought, too! The stupid AI, crazy weapons and a sh*t load of fun; what else do you need to waste hours on a game?

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2011
1:24 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun