Unreal Flash 3

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I really hope you enjoy playing this!!
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Jump: W
Move: A & D
Secondary Fire: Hold S
Quick Switch: Q




need help

I cant get past the boss level and i heard theres cheats so coould people please tell me thanks by the way great game

some problems

i like the looks of this game and the gameplay is nice but a few problems were also there.

1. my teamates suck. and i would recomment to at least take away friendly fire.
2. when is it a good idea to pickup a rocketlanger when you walk over them in CQC?
3. there was some kind of bug with my walking if i walked to fast in diferen directions i kept walking to the left.
4. enemies seem to always know where you at even from the other side of the map they are shooting on me
5. picking up crappy weapons wile having a dubbel shotgun and then switching to them sucks.

apart from that nice work with animations and graphics

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completed the game

i completed this game in 2009

Well, some progress, some bactracking

The graphics, the gameplay, and weaponry are all nicely improved, but the one fatal flaw you have going here is your teammates. Any match where I was on my own, I would floor the competition, but any match where I had even one teammate I would lose repeatedly because they just keep running into the fray like lemmings in a minefield. I would always lose with myself at the top with most kills and least deaths, but my teammate or mates had so many deaths and so few kills that there was no way I could compete. I'd be better off taking on teams by myself. The teammate AI is crap.

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3.91 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2011
1:24 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun