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DimWitDog; Animation I made. Me and my boyfriends fursona. Blah blah blah.

The music was made by my boyfriend.

Psychopath; Somnolence is a story based around Naomi Zipf [DimWitDog] and her boyfriend Wes Templeman [Nos] whom of which she shares a long distance relationship over the internet; Somnolence details the experience of a relationship over the internet by comparing and/or depicting the experience with astral projection; to depict only a simulation of being together, only to awaken to the harsh reality that they're miles apart.


I installed the preloader, the Youtube link, the keyboard based controls, the links to our accounts, the paypal donate/tip jar buttons, the flash ads and most complex of all, the CFC "quick list" application; a rotary controlled list of works created by the CrapFlashCrew's members and DimWitDog.


Although I had no hand in editing the actual content, I had to tweak and edit multiple cuts of what would eventually be the FLV currently in use in order to optimize the quality to it's absolute greatest lengths without breaching Newgrounds' file size limitations, even to the extent of capturing the original FLV frame by frame with a photo capture option in the software I was using, croping it and creating an all new, fresh FLV from it. The end credit sequence was also edited by extending it and increasing it's proportion levels to match that of the content afore mentioned.

SINcerely yours,



one suggestion

The timing is so fast some of the more moving scenes feels abrupt. I know animation with slow progression is a pain in the a**, but too fast and there won't be enough time to allow the viewers to properly digest what they've seen.

Perhaps just this once, extend the flash by 10%, would be perfect.

Good animation

God damn it. Why are you a furry! I get you guys dont fuck animals but masturbating to half animal half people is still pretty weird..

well the art work is a major step up from 2008

but it was alittle short. honestly i was expecting comedy but it's good to switch up every now and again. proportions were drawn correctly and i didn't see them grow mishapened so my only complaint is the length

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very well done!

The animation was very well done

Although (without the little introduction in the comments) it is rather confusing, it's very sentimental. Nice, but slightly confusing.
Your portrayal of long distance relationships is very well done.

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Jul 18, 2011
7:05 AM EDT
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