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Cremation 5 Points

Obliterate the first boss with all weapon slots equipped

Rookie 5 Points

Finish the first area

AHK-372 10 Points

Defeat the second boss

Damura 10 Points

Defeat the first boss

Frequent Flyer 10 Points

Fly 3,000 miles

Junkyard 10 Points

Kill 4,000 enemies

Problem, Minecraft? 10 Points

Collect 2,000 gems (spending them is allowed)

Variety 10 Points

Use each weapon in the game at least once

Coeus 25 Points

Defeat the fourth boss

Ding Ding 25 Points

Reach level 20

Erebos 25 Points

Defeat the third boss

Hardcore 25 Points

Finish area 4 of AHK-372 with only a bullet rifle

Stealthy 25 Points

Finish area 3 of Coeus without triggering any sentry lights

Untouchable 25 Points

Finish area 4 of Erebos without taking any damage

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Classic top-down shooter with stat building and parts customization!
Multiple planets to see, weapons to collect, and big bosses to fight.
High scores and Medals available!

In the works since July 2010, the top-down shooter genre has been something I've always wanted to cover. Big thanks to Hyptosis and Kelwyshade for their art and music, otherwise I'd still be stuck with an unpolished engine. I think we ended up with a solid product, hope you enjoy!


And moms say kids are really annoying....

It's ok

Not very good.

If you want me to avoid bullets I need a smaller ship, with a smaller hit box... if you want me to fight, then there needs to be more enemies, that take less hits. Right now you have a game with giant ships and few enemies but lots of quick moving bullets. So I slugishly float around the screen trying to dodge tiny pink dots that move faster then I can ever dream of moving while being forced to shoot giant screen blocking enemies a hundred times in a row with six different weapons. It's too much. The game is difficult, but for the wrong reasons...

You need to focus your game on one main point. Is it about killing things before they kill you, or is it about avoiding bullets until you reach the end of the stage? Trying to do both just makes a difficult, clunky, unpolished game.

Also, why am I punished for replaying levels? Why lower the exp? Shouldn't you want people to come back and replay levels over and over and over again? Why discourage this? That's stupid. Instead, you should encourage it by giving out not only exp, but challenge awards. Like, beating each stage without getting hit or killing all of the enemies. You should never, ever, discourage a player from replaying your game.

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Ive probably spent about an hour on area 3 with no progress. I have money to buy things, but there is nothing left to buy. I noticed there are locked slots, but I dont know how to use them. Overall, I would say this game would be good, but Its just too damn hard.

Not as good as I expected...

I'm a really big fan of bullet hell games, and this does not feel like a proper bullet hell. It seems like I'm dodging ships more than bullets in all actuality. Maybe this was how you intended the game to work but personally, I lost interest after the second level. While the upgrade system is a very nice thing to have (especially in bullet hells) it seems like the only way to get any kind of money is by running into large ships and taking damage only to reach a single "dollar" which is cut in thirds if I happen to die. The hit box is a bit too large for my tastes as well, more and more I found myself barely squeezing past an enemy ship or just barely squeezing between a pair of bullets. Once I got past the hit-box however, I was confronted with gameplay that felt like mere torture. The game controls fine, no doubts there, but the overall controls feel very lacking. I'm not even sure there was a bomb button in the game.

I've been a fan of Afro-Ninja for a long time, when I saw this on the frontpage I raced to try it. I really expected more of you Afro-Ninja.

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it wasn't bad for the first few levels, but after that it gets old. fast. And after level 1 everything becomes a flurry of cluster****ed enemies and bullets. I dont see how anyone can get past the first world, let alone the whole game.

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Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2011
5:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight