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Cremation 5 Points

Obliterate the first boss with all weapon slots equipped

Rookie 5 Points

Finish the first area

AHK-372 10 Points

Defeat the second boss

Damura 10 Points

Defeat the first boss

Frequent Flyer 10 Points

Fly 3,000 miles

Junkyard 10 Points

Kill 4,000 enemies

Problem, Minecraft? 10 Points

Collect 2,000 gems (spending them is allowed)

Variety 10 Points

Use each weapon in the game at least once

Coeus 25 Points

Defeat the fourth boss

Ding Ding 25 Points

Reach level 20

Erebos 25 Points

Defeat the third boss

Hardcore 25 Points

Finish area 4 of AHK-372 with only a bullet rifle

Stealthy 25 Points

Finish area 3 of Coeus without triggering any sentry lights

Untouchable 25 Points

Finish area 4 of Erebos without taking any damage

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Classic top-down shooter with stat building and parts customization!
Multiple planets to see, weapons to collect, and big bosses to fight.
High scores and Medals available!

In the works since July 2010, the top-down shooter genre has been something I've always wanted to cover. Big thanks to Hyptosis and Kelwyshade for their art and music, otherwise I'd still be stuck with an unpolished engine. I think we ended up with a solid product, hope you enjoy!



I'll give this a 8/10 cause I really like it but the way it plays is too tacky. It reminds me of the old game Raptor, but that game was made years ago and its way better than this. You need to improve on a lot of things in this. It has a lot of potential, but just not good enough to play all the way through for me. It's more of a "I'm bored" type of game.

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The old concept of move and shoot, needed some 'Oomph' that would keep me playing. But, sadly, the oomph was not there.. I got bored very quickly and found it painful to complete the fourth level.

If you want my advice; this style of game is outdated, and majority of people either don't want to play it, or would rather play something else.

Anyhoodles, the execution of the game was brilliant, the controls were easy and fluid. Very straight to the point. Would be better if it had some sort of good story-line behind it to help move the game forward. Graphics were good, but could be better in my perspective.

Overall, for the great job you did on the game, I'd give it a 9, but sadly, the concept I found was boring, so I'm just going to hand out a 6. Sorry mate, your other games are great.

Technically well executed, but pretty boring

In this game nothing ever happens. An old concept without new gameplay features. Fly ahead and shoot. Also: No story. Did not keep me going past level 3. Sorry, only 6 stars.

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Excellent Game

I typically play games for medals and the sense of achievement they come with, but in that regard I also look for how medals accentuate game play. Medals can make a game more fun from the added challenge and also that they let you experience the game in a way you otherwise wouldn't and/or explore the game's outer limits.

Some people just throw pointless medals into their games like 'play for 5 hours' or beat the game without getting hit. The first is arbitrary and if you beat everything the game has to offer far under that limit, it becomes a pain to reach it. The second can be done well, but is often implemented for artificial difficulty. The main problem is the high level of penalization for failure. Nobody wants to invest ten minutes or more when if they fail they must repeat those ten minutes perfectly. It also is extremely annoying in games with random variables that can one shot you, making you have to replay the game. In either case the game loses value for those medals.

The point I'm making is your game perfectly accentuates medals with game play. There are the standard complete the game medals, followed by the end-game style challenge medals. The don't-get-hit medal is in a stage of predictable patterns without a high level of penalization for failure. Making it challenging but possible.

The rest of the game on it's own merit is well done; tight classic style graphics, customizable and upgradable ship that never gets so powerful the game becomes a walk, and a variation of enemies following patterns that enable you to with practice beat most levels with little to no damage.

The ship is a bit bulky, but it works fine within the context of this game. You will be unable to avoid the fine particle waves some enemies shoot out, but all bosses can be defeated without getting hit.

But, yeah, this is one of the rare games I enjoyed throughout the entire game and throughout getting all the medals for it. Great work!

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Havent beat it yet, but its got some nice touches, the boss battle felt pretty satisfying.

Didnt experience any lag, the weapon combination system is pretty interesting, i havent messed with them all yet but the combinations yield pretty cool customization. I initially found the menu system for the bay to be kind of overwhelming. I think something that would have been cool is once you buy an item maybe a window asks if you'd like to equip it? Or maybe a dialogue window as you leave the bay that says you've purchased new items and not yet equipped them. I actually was buying stuff and i didnt realize i had to bolt it on until a few levels in.

Something else that would be cool is letting you know that the first blip on the map is your docking bay. Like maybe its a green sphere or something visually different from the other stops on the map. Eventually it becomes second nature, but i think at first you tend to overlook that as a possible place to go back to.

Graphically, the game looks great, and gives the arcade shootem ups of yesteryear a run for their money. I think if some of the bigger non-boss enemies dropped more gems it might feel more satisfying. I was on the asteroid field level pummeling the shit out of a giant rock coming at me and just as it was about to hit it, i destroyed it and got one gem out of it was kind of a bummer. Made me want to just avoid it in the future and just go after smaller enemies that cough up a single gem also.

Overall, its a pretty cool foray into the genre, with all the toss the turtle, happy wheels, defend your castle clones litering the flash scene, its refreshing to come across this.

Also shawn, dont forget to turn off the oven.

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Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2011
5:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight