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Cremation 5 Points

Obliterate the first boss with all weapon slots equipped

Rookie 5 Points

Finish the first area

AHK-372 10 Points

Defeat the second boss

Damura 10 Points

Defeat the first boss

Frequent Flyer 10 Points

Fly 3,000 miles

Junkyard 10 Points

Kill 4,000 enemies

Problem, Minecraft? 10 Points

Collect 2,000 gems (spending them is allowed)

Variety 10 Points

Use each weapon in the game at least once

Coeus 25 Points

Defeat the fourth boss

Ding Ding 25 Points

Reach level 20

Erebos 25 Points

Defeat the third boss

Hardcore 25 Points

Finish area 4 of AHK-372 with only a bullet rifle

Stealthy 25 Points

Finish area 3 of Coeus without triggering any sentry lights

Untouchable 25 Points

Finish area 4 of Erebos without taking any damage

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Classic top-down shooter with stat building and parts customization!
Multiple planets to see, weapons to collect, and big bosses to fight.
High scores and Medals available!

In the works since July 2010, the top-down shooter genre has been something I've always wanted to cover. Big thanks to Hyptosis and Kelwyshade for their art and music, otherwise I'd still be stuck with an unpolished engine. I think we ended up with a solid product, hope you enjoy!


similar to the regent

the enemies remind me of androids called the Regent, the destroyed the race that created them and they are trying to rob all the planets of their resources, the thing thats different is that the regent have slightly better technology. however its hard destroying these enemies with this DESPICABLE, INCAPABLE, 2 BIT EARTH SHIP! this would never happen with us and the Regent, why humanity?


The levels were rather uninteresting and repetitive with no obstacles other than enemy ships. That's fine in games like 1943 or Twinbee where there's tons of bullets to dodge and loads of powerups to collect, but since none of that is going on here, it leads to a very boring experience. No one level really stands out here as well- especially with the same music. Every level of every Gradius game is extremely memorable and, ergo, can be mastered through repeated playthroughs.

The art style, though intricate, seems very flat and sterile. A lot of games in this genre aim for bolder colors and higher contrast on the foreground objects to not only make the game more visually appealing, but also to make hazards more noticeable. None of the ships (including the player's) were animated aside from the thrusters.

Music was okay, but did not loop smoothly and got repetitive quickly. I eventually had to mute it and put the awesome Xexex soundtrack on ;).

Lastly, the hit-box on your ship is, in my opinion, far too large (the Vic Viper's in Gradius V was like, one pixel in the cockpit). Pulling off some extreme maneuvering through enemy fire is half the fun in a game like this, and it's neigh impossible with the hit-box as large as it is.

Having played a lot of the old-school shmups, (my favorite genre of video game) this one was just 'O.K.' Wasn't terrible, but doesn't really stand out.

It was pretty freakin' nice

The game was well polished and didn't feel too cheap and the bosses were fun to fight. It had a nice retro style, with a nice bit of challenge. I finished the game after about 50 tries on a couple different levels (mostly on the 2 black hole levels; it took me a bit to realize all I needed was anitmatter cannons to win).

+ Overall pretty fun, and a couple of "Oh snap" moments made it interesting.
+ The final boss was one of the most interesting bosses I've fought since I played Sin & Punishment (Wii Virtual Console port).
+ It was challenging, without being too challenging. It was between the difficulty of a typical Newgrounds shooter (easy), to something like Gradius (hard). Not too hard, not too soft.
+ Multiple weapons to choose from...kinda. Most of them were just variations of others, with the exception of the homing missiles, rubber bullets, and relentless rifles. And once you got to the end, there was only one thing to choose from, and that was the only thing you could use without raising the difficulty.

- Some (read: A lot) of the enemies were really freaking annoying.
- The ships popping up from behind or rushing in suddenly (like the drill boss) made things really stupid. This was countered by the levels being kind-of short, though, so I don't consider this to be a real issue.
- The last point made in "+" above.

Last, thing. This isn't freaking Ikaruga. It isn't Touhou, or Gradius. If you think this is hard, play any of those 3 games and videotape yourself so I can see the results. Either you start literally crying, or your balls grow on the spot. Either way it will be pretty amazing.

4 out of 5

Very nice overall, but some of the enemies were frustrating enough for me to take a point off. Too many deaths at the hands of enemies that pop out and do 100 damage without me being able to react. Unless I did the level before.


The timing of this release was perfect. I was in just the mood to play an old school top down shooter. I love the added RPG elements you gave to the upgrade system.

My only hangup is the straightforwardness of the game play. While the boss fights have their own nice puzzle feel, the higher levels were loaded with more enemies rather than utilizing creative mechanics like the light mines to greater effect.

Almost =(

I felt almost like i was player Tyrian again.. almost..

The models are too big.
Missed a few more enemies.
Scenario was not very complex.

Great job! This is a nice flash game.

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Credits & Info

4.14 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2011
5:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight