UFO Tree Cutters: DOTC

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First chop 5 Points

Chop down a tree.

Level finish! 5 Points

Finish a level.

Well educated 5 Points

Finish viewing the help

First steps 10 Points

Finish 4 levels, getting 3 stars in each level

Halfway there 10 Points

Finish 8 levels, getting 3 stars in each level

Levels Complete! 25 Points

Finish all the levels in the game.

Point of no return 25 Points

Finish 12 levels, getting 3 stars in each level

Game complete! 100 Points

Finish the game, with 3 stars per level and get the trophy!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Note 3: Umm....strange, it's way slower than it was in the flash player! If you feel it's too slow then copy the link below and select "Save target as" or something, and play it locally. (Remove the extra spaces)

http://uploads.ungrounded .net/574000/574874_UFOTC_

Note 2: The medals should be up and running after they're approved (I don't know how long that will take though), and there's one extra medal that's secret which doesn't work, sorry!
Note: The default medal popup is disabled due to VCAM issues, so if you want to preview the amount of medals you have without refreshing, then go to the "Medals" page in the main menu!

Full title: UFO Tree Cutters: Dawn Of The Chainsaw

Your job is to help the aliens (who are not shown in this game) cut the trees with their trusty steed, the UFO, and a chainsaw; there are about 16 levels in this game (I intended it to be 18 but ran out of level ideas), which are unlockable in series by getting stars (which you get by playing levels)

You'd be far better off reading the instructions in the game and getting a medal by doing so but here they are:

1) Click and drag the chainsaw; you will see a line being dragged from the center of the chainsaw to the center of the cursor.
2) Release the mouse button the let fly the chainsaw.
3) You can cut 50% of the trees in the level (rounded) for 1 star, 75% of the trees (rounded) for 2 stars, and 100% of trees for 3 stars.
4) Press the "blue button that has an arrow facing right" to preview the level, and the blue button that "has an arrow facing left" to go back to the UFO.
5) Don't like the music? Press the "mute" symbol button to mute it, or is it too high? Go to "Options" and select "Low" or "Medium" for the sound volume.
6) Press ESCAPE to go back to the play screen anytime (except when it's loading, derp)

Asandir : Beta tester
Coop: Beta tester
deckheadtottie & Coop: Banned me from forums and indirectly allowed me to work on this project.
Song used: Sandras Cupcake by Drumbouncer

Also, this was intended to be for Robot Day 2011, but in the end unexpected bugs turned up. Enjoy!
~ Gimmick


Purely luck game. Just keep shooting chainsaws all over and hope for the best. Not fun at all.

Fun game

Good entry here, it was entertaining and kept me entertained thru-on out the entire submission, some additions could be added though, maybe some extra features and such, but i got some fun entertaining experience here, but still would like to see more on this. The whole idea of chopping down a tree is pretty neat, but i must say that as i was playing this i was very confused from the start, so did take me some time to get use too but overall this is still a fun and entertaining game, So as i get more into the game it does get fun and the controls are ok but as some advice why not have the movment of the "BLACK" chainsaw holder on the left like have the movment keys be A, S, D etc, The "MUSIC"in this was cool, and i really like your idea here it was something new and differant, and the medals really helped to keep this game alive and well entertaining. And so these puts me to close to ending the review, and as much as i have enjoyed this entry, it is still a pleasure to review this, i do look forward to more from you and hope to see much more from your efforts such as this one, but you did present something good here,

I love giving reviews and feedback in hopes of some positive exits, but judging is always hard but still i hope to post up some positive ideas and advice and in hopes that it will come out better then you have now, and if not its pretty good and good effort, Heres some advice that might help Have the movment keyes be A, S, D on the left side not the right

Excellent game, but with a major problem.

Firstly, I really enjoyed this game and it reminds me of Boombot. Secondly, I don't agree with most of the criticism below. (No offence to the other reviewers.) The graphics don't have to be da Vinci, nor does the plot have to be Dickens - this is a game, not a movie or book. The difficulty is, on the whole, good - one thing I dislike about Boombot (and the later levels of Civiballs) is how you need to figure out how to do it, then practise lots of times to get it right.

However, there is a fatal mistake in the game: how stars are determined. I think this should be more flexible. The percentages required should vary for every level like in Bloons, as the present percentage makes some levels a little too hard and other a little too easy. Without this flaw, and if the level with a large piece of ice is a little easier, and the UFO doesn't slide so much, the game would be perfect! :)

Gimmick responds:

Thanks! I'll take that into consideration for the next release.



- Graphics
- No Point.
- No Story
- No Powerups
- Boring melody

All in all, this could have been better with little more work put in it.

Where is it going?

I did not enjoy this game, mostly because there seemed to be so little point in it. I appreciated that the idea was a little original, but not much beside that. The weirdest thing was that the trees didn't even seem to be chopped down when I beat a level. Anyway, the graphics were not that impressive either. There didn't seem to be any shadings, only solid colors. Next time, you may want to make everything move more smoothly.

At first I thought it was one of those bouncing games where you tried to make the chainsaw go to the other side of the screen fast. I think it would have worked better if you had done that. You should work on your lines and maybe make it a bit slower. I could not keep up with where the chainsaw was going or what it was doing. At least the drawing lines part was kind of nice.

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Credits & Info

1.81 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2011
5:10 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery