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OCT3 - Something's Amiss

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I'm changing the actual title of the series because frankly the title "Original Character Tournament" is too general. There are many other OCTs on the internet and this is just another of them.

The new title is called, "Dareva's Last Will OCT" because that is the name of the OCT. However I can't change the actual title in the Newgrounds submission details so it will still appear as OCT.




Another Round complete and some story to add in to boot. Fair warning, there are still anime cliches.

So, changes and improvements. An extra character has been added - one that accompanies my current opponent - more acting animation and less battle (people will find pros and cons to both), some story involved, fire animation, and backgrounds. In the last animation there was some small debate on my voice acting, so I'm not sure if it has improved or not so you guys decide.

Now, I must make it clear to everyone. THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. Rather, the ONLY part of the story that is mine is how my characters fit into this story, so don't tell me what my characters should've done because it makes things complicated. If you would like to know more of the story, ask and I'll PM you a link to the tournament host's section of the story which is what I base my story around.

I must point out that the fire animation wasn't made by me but I was given personal permission to use it by the animator (he delivered the files to me in person), and I'm not the only one given that permission either. That's why I didn't include it in the credits.

And by now people should know by now that I'm always aware I need to improve.

Anyways, thanks for watching!

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I'm starting to really like this series.

ello im a stranger

nice flash and when will she get her voice ^^?


im hoping for more :)

Agreeing with the person below me...

Your animation could use a lot more sound effects. In addition, a lot of your audio balancing is terrible. Some voices are a lot louder than others, some are too quiet. You should try adjusting them in a music editing software. I recommend Audacity.

The plot is a little dry, also. Why are they fighting? Why are they there? What are their names? What's their goal? Why is there only one dude? Why is that one chick part dragon? Why does that guy have a laptop, and why do none of the chicks know what he's doing? Needs more depth.

The animation could use some brushing up, too. Everything kinda looks sketchy and unclean and not...solid... if that makes any sense. In addition, the characters could use a broader range of expression. For the majority, everyone kinda looked like this: 0 _0

Overall, not bad. But not great, either. Hopefully you take some of this advice with your next production. I look forward to any further improvements. :D

AnDrew19787 responds:

-More sound effects? Yes, I know.
-Terrible audio balance? I disagree. I adjusted everything to fit my standards in Garageband, Audacity, AND Flash. It may need improvement but its not really bad.
-Plot? Yes, its a bit confusing but you have to actually look beyond this one animation (it's a series!) to answer some of your questions. :)

Sound Effects

You could've added some boom sound effects. Just saying.