Sword of August

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Pilot SWORD Unit as Rico Lyfer and help him regain total independence. Experience 6 different Forms and Special Maneuvers, 6 Upgradeable Cores, and 10 Supportive Cards through the challenging missions!

WSAD / Arrow : Move
Z / O : Shoot
F : Form Rotate
V : Evolution
1,2,3,4 : Use CARDs
Space : Special / Freiheit
P : Pause

thank you guys for the reviews!

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Its pretty good....

Nice game with a lot of potential, the main thing that annoyed me was you can move diagonally right, but not diagonally left :)

nice. heres some suggestions.

make enemies slower (more time to kill when stronger), progressively stronger (different types correspond with strength)

tech tree for CARDS, chose to focus on desired powerup.

maybe along with one time use CARDS maybe reusable, but with cool down time?

theres three fighters together.. maybe add a spcial that uses the mini fleet.

cool game otherwise.

Thinking of making a 2nd one?

It was a bit short and lacking some character development but hey it wouldn't be short n sweet now would it? Only thing that seem wrong was the card system. When you able to change form you really don't need the cards at all expect the 2x cash since you can heal yourself and completely dodge attacks with your alternate
form specials and had more than enough firepower.

It was also nice of you artists to put in a lil' eye candy.

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stellar-0 responds:

thank you for playing and giving inputs, i'll let everyone know about the reviews here. card system, i can agree with that actually, that time(about 1 year ago) we were not thinking much about the game design/ feature balance(it's too much feature), and we just develop it right away in a whim for fun and experiments ^^ eyecandy, as i'm the artist, i'll keep it in mind :)

as for making a 2nd one, maybe we'll consider it after we can managed to get enough cash from the other games lol.


I really loved this game, but the controls are a lot of difficult.

A neat little shooter

While this game doesn't add a whole lot to the genere of top-down, vertical scrolling, spaceship shooters, it really does this basic concept well. You control a young pilot in a war torn futuristic world and, unsurprisingly, hold down your fire button while moving your ship around the screen blasting enemies. The storyline isn't bad, if a bit unoriginal, but this game provides a nice little diverson for an hour or two as you blow things up, collect money and upgrade your ship.

One issue I had with the game is that it tried a little too hard to cram in features. Your ship is already 100 times stronger than anything else on the screen, plus it has the benefit of your intelligence and fingers versus preprogrammed flying patterns. You have a very simple upgrade system, where you pretty much upgrade everything about your ship in a straight line, with very little flexibility or choice, pretty much becoming stronger in every way -- offense, defense, and health. Doing that, you have more than enough firepower at your disposal to tear through absoutely everything with your eyes closed.

But just for fun, the creators tossed in a special attack, where if you kill a bunch of stuff to fill up a meter, you can hit space bar to unleash it. Then, just for added fun, the creators gave your ship the abiltiy to transform between three shapes (one slow and powerful, one fast and weak, and the other in between), giving each a different special attack. Toward the end of the game, only the fast and weak shape is even worth using, since you're so powerfully upgraded, everything dies in one hit anyway (though if you use your spacebar special with the slow form, you get healed by bullets on the screen, which is really the only spacebar special worth using). Not enough features that you don't really need to win the game? Later on, your ship gets the ability to "evolve" by filling up yet another meter by killing stuff. Depending on what form your ship is in, it gets more powerful in different ways for a short time. Still not enough features? Well, if you use your spacebar special while your evolved power is active, you get a whole different special that you have to control using the mouse. Still not enough? Well, you can also buy these single-use "cards" between every mission that do speical things, like repair your damage, temporarily make you immune from attacks, launch special attacks, etc.

How much of the above did I need to win the game? Barely any. I just held down my fire button, moved my fast and weak form ship around killing everything, and occasionally used my slow form's spacebar special to heal if I was careless. The game was really easy, and all of these features and different buttons to use them all really weren't very user-friendly. It really seemed like the game was trying a little too hard to make a simple top-down shooter into something more complex by throwing all of this stuff in, and I felt bad barely trying out half of it. I'm of the opinion that if a game is going to have all of these suped up options, make it hard so I have to be strategic and figure out the best way to get through a tough spot using my massive arsenal of special features.

Overall, though, the music, plot, graphics, and gameplay (minus trying to remember the dozen keys that do a bunch of things I never needed) were really smooth and enjoyable, and the game is a nice length. 5 levels. Just long enough to get you into it, wtihout getting so long that it becomes tedious and repetitive. You can repeat levels, too, to grind for money to upgrade your ship (without a little extra grinding, you won't be fully upgraded by the end, but it's fun tearing through earlier levels with an upgraded ship that gave you some hassle the first time through). I was really entertained for a couple of hours and would gladly play any number of similarly styled games.

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3.71 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2011
2:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight